Tribal Council Nominations

Nominations for the Tribal Council will be collected in this thread. The deadline will be the 8th of April at 11:59 PM PST.
As a guideline, nominees should post their nomination with up to 200 words max in this thread. Before applying, keep in mind that the Tribal Council will be replacing Optismic Approval (OA), meaning that nominees should be aware of OA’s current tasks. Additionally, nominees have to be knowledgeable about the Tribe’s ecosystem and should be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time, meaning that this is considered a major commitment.

Check out the initial post for more information:


I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the Tribal Council. I have been a member of the FEI/TRIBE community since pre-genesis. I have been party to the events that FEI/TRIBE has gone through along its growth. I am a current member of the Optimistic Approval Squad and wish to continue serving the community. I am very passionate about decentralized stablecoins and their important role in the defi space. My personal background is in Finance. I hold an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and a MSF (Master of Science in Finance). I currently work for a Private Equity firm in the tradfi world, as such, I am very familiar with the day to day requirements of financial modelling and risk management. For example: I helped create the FeiRari interest rate models. I have been involved in the Crypto space since 2010. Since then, I became involved in numerous projects from bitcoin mining to crypto gambling. I am at heart an ethereum maximalist, but have since accepted that a multi-chain world will be the norm. I believe for FEI to succeed we need to expand to other chains or layer 2s.


I believe the Tribal Council will be an excellent way to improve both the execution quality and decentralization of the DAO by optimistically granting limited powers to focused pods.

I nominate myself as the author of the Fei whitepaper and protocol architect. If elected, I will encourage the council to establish several functional pods over the important aspects of the protocol:

  • Fuse
  • Turbo
  • Treasury/PCV
  • Ops

Additionally, I will emphasize the autonomy, transparency, and vetoability of the pods and aim to bring in more community talent to these roles.

I will not vote on any nominations including my own to avoid conflicts of interest.


I would like to nominate myself for the Tribal Council.

Track record:

  • Co-founded the Rari Capital protocol, merged in with the Tribe
  • Inventor of the Fuse protocol
  • Intimate experience with the Tribe and Rari contributors

If elected, I will be pushing for the following values inside of the Tribe:

  • Maximum decentralization and governance minimization
  • Ensuring the DAO is aggressively onboarding the best talent (through direct hiring, M&A or partnerships; with good incentives!)
  • Aggressive growth
  • Stability where it is required

I am a Tribe token holder who wants what is best for the Tribe. We have a stablecoin, lending and borrowing - now it’s time for blitzscaling the entire ecosystem. Being on the Tribal Council will give me the birds eye view necessary for me to contribute ideas that will help me push the Tribe to get to where I think it can go. The future I’d like is one where the Tribe is synonymous with the future of finance, or just plain finance.

I will be holding back from voting on any nominations to avoid conflicts. I do hope others share the same vision for the Tribe as I do, and are equally as excited about where we are headed.


Hello Tribe Frens, I’d like to announce that I am nominating myself to become a Tribal Council member. I’ve created and passed important governance proposals generating millions of dollars for the treasury and increasing value for TRIBE holders [1] [2], and there hasn’t been a day since I joined when I haven’t been thinking of or posting about how to help the Tribe and improve the protocol. Contributing to the DAO has been an honor and a passion, as I deeply enjoy all the nuances of governance and protocol design.

I have a strong knowledge of many DeFi protocols which I will use to cement the Tribe as the #1 Launchpad, Liquidity Engine, and Decentralized Stablecoin Issuer in DeFi. I’ll also encourage the DAO to dive deeper into angel investing and incubation with Tribe Incubate

I am one of the most active community members in governance, and I will continue this pattern in the Tribal Council. Election to the Tribal Council will help me supercharge our treasury, build revolutionary DeFi primitives, and create the strongest DAO ecosystem in all of DeFi!


I am a huge proponent of robust decentralized governance and believe that the Tribal Council is integral to the development of such practices within the Tribe DAO. As a core contributor to Rari Capital I nominate myself for the Tribal Council.

In my time at Rari Capital I’ve led projects, spearheaded the merge, and built valuable external relationships for Rari Capital and the Tribe. During this time I’ve worked extensively with contributors across Rari, Fei, and other Tribe projects. I have a deep understanding of DeFi as a whole, the landscape opportunities for the Tribe. If elected I will push to build fast, flexible, transparent, and highly decentralized governance practices.

To avoid any conflicts of interest I will not be voting on any nominations.


Greetings to the Tribe. I am nominating myself for the Tribal Council.

Important views:

  • TRIBE should take a more active approach in bringing its products to “real world” users.
  • There is a meaningful chance the TRIBE product that reaches the most traction (Tribe’s “iPhone”) hasn’t been thought of yet. Despite being a large DAO this is also a “startup” that needs to remain flexible in its direction while retaining its values to succeed.
  • management by committee doesn’t scale, and I will push for direct tokenholder level incentive alignment of DAO actions where possible, similar to that planned within Volt v2/liquid governance

Example hot take:
Maintaining a 0% fee USDC PSM would allow FEI to stand as a truly “first class stablecoin” with minimal slippage for those going FEI<->FIAT via centralized ramps.


To the Tribe:

A new and exciting phase approaches the Tribe DAO governance, and as the DAO reaches a 1 year mark, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my journey with the protocol.

I started my path to DeFi in fintech and distributed security technologies for financial platform security, which led me to become part of ConsenSys Diligence. Our mission was to help enable a more secure and collaborative ethereum ecosystem. While at ConsenSys, I was introduced to Fei by meeting Joey and later Seb. As the vision for the protocol aligned with my values and purpose, I decided to join them. The three of us became the founding team, and from there on, I’ve been involved in most aspects of the project.

With the intention of further building the future of the Tribe, I will now nominate myself as a candidate for the Tribal Council.

As a member of the Tribal Council, I will encourage the most qualified candidates from the wider crypto community to contribute to the Tribe DAO, focus on growth initiatives, and always look out for the best interests of the Tribe.

I look forward to working from a strategic perspective, ensuring the DAO runs efficiently, learning and iterating as we go, and reaching milestones as a decentralized community.


gm Tribe,
I will be applying for a seat in the Tribal Council.

About me:

  • First moderator at Fei Protocol
  • Long-time contributor on projects such as:
    • Tribe DAO Grants Program
    • Optimistic Approval
    • Fei Newsletter

My goals in the Tribal Council:

  • Provide decentralization
  • Provide transparency about all actions of the Tribal Council
  • On-board new contributors to the DAO through a possible Growth Pod
  • Make sure that passionate contributors who provide value are rewarded accordingly

I have been with the Tribe every single day since its launch and I am here to stay.


I’d like to nominate myself to be in the Tribal Council.

A little about me:

  • Grew up in a hyperinflationary environment. Invoices for large purchases were good for 8 hours, with the expectation that prices would be higher after that. Learned about what happens when the money printer is in the wrong hands.
  • Before working in Crypto, I was at Uber’s Data Engineering team and later working on Latin America growth initiatives.
  • Joined Crypto to explore the thesis that countries with low trust in institutions would be the first to adopt cryptocurrencies. During that time I worked on projects to provide price transparency for the black market for the dollar in Venezuela and later on I helped build one of the first wallets using meta transactions on Ethereum, with the intention of using it accellerate the dollarization of the economy.
  • Then I went to Dharma Labs back when they were building a lending protocol. Worked on their product team to build the first in class Dharma Wallet.

As one of the co-founders of Fei Labs, I have a deep understanding of the problems facing Tribe DAO. Should I be elected, these are some things I will focus on:

  • Due process: One of Tribe DAO’s core values has been to run its governance transparently and to create an environment where all of its stakeholders have a voice.
  • Fast-track to decentralization: I believe every action that we take as a DAO should be neutral or increase the level of decentralization. I am passionate about the vision of bringing excellent contributors into the DAO by having multiple orgs contribute directly via the DAO. I believe that this has already started to play out with Rari, Volt and Midas being brought into the fold. We will be more credibly decentralized than any project on Ethereum if we keep going down this road.
  • Freedom: Use cryptography to disintermediate financial intermediaries and empower individuals

I am a pre-genesis contributor that lived through all the ups and downs in Tribe history .

During that time, I’ve authored several successful proposals in partnership with other community members (1, 2, 3, 4).

From the posts in this forum, my actions as an Optimistic Approval member and my blog, it is already public my personal values and the mental models I use to make decisions.

I wrote many research articles about Fei and a Benchmarking on DAOs organizational structure.

I have more than 10 years of experience innovating in the financial industry in Latam.

I believe the Tribal Council could benefit from a multidisciplinary team that has not only dev, but also financial, business development, and other skills.

I would be glad to help in building a highly innovative Tribe, so I am nominating myself to the Tribal Council.

My focus will be:

  • DAO’s Organizational Structure. Help in the creation and acceleration of Pods, providing accountability and transparency to the DAO

  • Cultivate an innovative environment. I believe three key ingredients for innovative environments are autonomy, spontaneity and active listening.

  • Focus on real world problems. All this just makes sense for me, if we can improve people’s lives.


I ask for your nomination in joining the Tribal Council.


  • Previously Head of DeFi @ Wintermute - leading crypto liquidity provider
  • Active LP, on-chain activist and governance participant since the dawn of DeFi on Ethereum. Top degen.
  • Close council to the Tribe as an advisor with a keen interest in algostable/stablecoin mechanisms.

If elected, I will be pushing for the following values on behalf of the tribe:

  • Agility of decision-making and governance minimization to increase competitiveness.
  • Pragmatic suggestions for aggressive growth from the point of view of a crypto native future.

A Tribe holder from seed, during genesis, post-genesis, peg defense, fuse lend/borrower, and all to come.

I will be holding back from voting with any delegated stake on the nominations to avoid conflicts but will happily vote on the nominations of others with any public market stake, as is the design afforded by our open and transparent voting system.


meertitan here, putting up my nomination as well. Hoping for your support everyone!

I joined the world of crypto a few years ago and have been active in this community for over a year now. During that time I filled different positions in the Tribe ecosystem, working closely together with some of the core team members of both Rari Capital and Fei Protocol.
My previous and current positions include:

  • Fei Discord and Discourse Admin
  • Member of the Optimistic Approval multisig
  • Seat on the Tribe DAO grants committee
  • Co-Author of the monthly Fei Newsletter
  • Creator of Fei Academy

As a member of the current OA multisig I’m used to evaluating proposals, as well as writing my own (such as this election proposal co-authored by @DioDionysos). I also enjoy a high degree of trust by the community, demonstrated by managing the $250,000 Grants budget.

My focus on the Tribal Council will include:

  • Finding and introduing new contributors to the DAO
  • Increasing the Tribe’s influence in the larger DeFi ecosystem through metagovernance
  • Push decentralization of the Tribe ecosystem
  • Holding the Council and governance at large accountable and keep processes transparent

It is important for the election to consider a healthy mix of core team members and long term community contributors.


What an incredible and wonderful year it has been. I have been honored to witness the growth from the protocol over the past year. The founding team has also shinned and thrived when dealt with adversity and I am extremely thrilled to have such an ambitious, passionate, and a laser focused and hard working leader in Joey.

I have been part of the Tribe community since day 1 and used both v1 and v2 of FEI. I have experienced FEI & Tribe in the wild on dApps such as Rari, Compound, Aave, Curve, Pickle (don’t laugh), and Uniswap. I have experience with a lot of other protocols and communities and can add value on what works and does not work. Additionally, I have participated in active governance over the past year.

Perhaps most important, I believe in the long term vision of what we are trying to build, which consists of a DeFi hub with many different layers. Building the most user friendly interface is educational in itself. I do believe DAOs will run a significant portion of GDP in the future.

I am familiar with the current OA’s role and am willing to put in more work and hours that is expected. I am most passionated and excited about onboarding new users continuing to fuel this rocket ship.

I’m ridding with FEI.

Hi everyone. I am nominating myself to join the Tribal Council.

I have been an observer and FEI enthousiast since the beginning, and believe in the potential for FEI to create a both scalable and decentralized stablecoin backed, thanks to its reserves model.

My primary objectives and values within the council would be
a) encourage FEI adoption, both by DAOs and individuals
b) encourage FEI to be maintain its backing by decentralized assets, namely ETH or other decentralized stablecoins, while maintaing solvability and security for FEI holders
c) Make FEI attractive to hold in the face of many stablecoins offering high yield
d) Optimizing the yield generation on the FEI backing

I have previously worked in governance @ aave, and am currently advisor to sudoswap.

Thank you.


Hereby I’d like to nominate myself for the Tribal Council.

Bringing a background in machine learning and financial consulting, I see the task of integrating robust and adequate modelling and simulation tools in Tribe’s risk management, decision making about optimal design and parameters of its products as one of the DAO’s key challenges. Thanks to the efforts of @storm and @Delia this work has already started. However, much is left to be done.

If elected I will encourage starting a program aimed at creating an ERC4626-native modelling and simulation framework and tools based on the work and premises I outlined here. It will be built with Tribe products in mind and will become a better alternative to the recently proposed solution of Gauntlet, which

Along with this work I will also cooperate with @Fishy on the proposed Tribe VC and will strive to foster joint investment rounds with Gro Treasury, where I sit on the management committee.

Finally, as a TC member I will continue encouraging to integrate quadratic funding + badge holders governance into the Tribe’s practice.

I hope to bring technical and financial expertise along with decentralisation to the Tribal Council.

Anybody interested can find my prior input here @pavel and on Discord pavel#3939.

I’ve also served as an OA member during its 8-month run.


Hi everyone! I am writing this post to formally nominate myself for the Tribe Council.


  • Co-founder of Rari Capital
  • Led all business development strategies to make Fuse a protocol used by countless DAOs, protocols, and individuals over the course of one year since our launch

Future goals:

  • Continue building external relationships to support Rari Capital, Fei Protocol, and the overall Tribe DAO such as Midas and Volt
  • Ensure transparency and accountability is held to the highest standard through the upcoming Governance pod system
  • Maintain a safe and secure environment for the protocol/DAO
  • Pioneer growth tactics to bring in the best talent and build at a fast rate to stay competitive with other organizations

To avoid any conflicts, I will not vote on any of the nominations.


The nomination process is closed now, thanks for posting everyone. We will move onto the second part of the election as planned shortly.

For questions and discussion around this topic, please either use this thread or our dedicated Discord channel.

The vote is up now: Snapshot

I’d like to offer a few words about this important election.

Obviously there are many capable, diligent, devoted to the protocol people within the Tribe greater community. And there are many places within Tribe’s ecosystem, where their talents can shine. However, Tribal Council will have a certain mandate: to steer development and management of the protocol in its entirety with its set of technically complex financial products. Prerequisites for the Tribal Council members stem from the Council’s purpose: they will vote on proposals involving technical and financial issues, hence should be capable of independent judgment on such issues, be able to read smart contract code and understand its logic, look into the parameters implemented in it. Otherwise we’ll have situations like a recent one, when only two out of seven OA members expressed interest in looking into the Github repo of the security audit vendor to verify the work done before wiring payment. I’d like to urge voters to cast your vote responsibly, DYOR, because Tribe’s sustainable future hinges on your choice.