FIP-96-B; Transferring all tokens in the OA timelock to Tribal Council Timelock

As specified in FIP 96 and FIP 82, the recently elected Tribal Council would take over all of the Optimistic Approval’s responsibilities, and the OA would be duly deprecated.

As of today, the OA timelock still holds tokens assigned to it for the operations of its duties from earlier FIPs. In accordance with the new governance structure, the OA should transfer all of the remaining tokens in the timelock to the new Tribal Council timelock.


The OA timelock (0xbC9C084a12678ef5B516561df902fdc426d95483) will transfer ALL of its ERC20 tokesn to the Tribal Council time lock:
~39,052,315 FEI ;
6,000,000 TRIBE ;
~340,580 USDC ;
~16014 IDLE ;
and all other tokens.

Correspondingly, all prior responsibilities assigned to the OA, such as payment of bounty per FIP-93-2 will be transferred to responsibility of the Tribal Council.

OA’s original mandate requires a snapshot for movement of such funds, and the FIPs regarding creating of a tribal council did not gave such direct mandate for transfer, therefore an additional snapshot is hereby required to complete this transfer.
This proposal is considered a technical followup to the earlier proposals regarding the election of TC, therefore will go directly into a 24 hour last call.


Per Snapshot, the OA is obligated to pay out 2.2M FEI as bounty.
TC election vote was on April 29th, FIP-93-2 was passed on April 21st; technically before the lapse of the OA charter. Therefore the OA has scheduled and signed these payments from the OA timelock.

The return of the OA timelock tokens will commence with the remaining balance after paying out the bounty outlined by FIP-93-2

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Adding one further txn from OA timelock: 21.5k FEI for auditing the full product stack (frontends, supporting data infrastructure and all of our hosting configuration) with Pallisades.