FIP-75: OA Bridge Funding

Authors: @DioDionysos, @Meertitan ,@fei.saver

Optimistic Approval Bridge Payments


Fund the seven Optimistic Approval (OA) members with 21,000 TRIBE per month until a long-term solution has been established, starting January 2022.


OA has been one of the cornerstones of decentralization for Fei Protocol. Delays in the governance rework have led to an undefined time period with no funding structure for OA. This proposal aims to properly fund OA, as a bridging solution until the governance update is in place and a proper funding system has been established.


Fund the OA multisig with 42,000 TRIBE from the DAO Treasury as compensation for January and February.

Continue to fund OA multisig with 42,000 TRIBE every two months until a long-term solution has been established.

Voting Rules:

This will be a single-choice vote:

  • Approve the budget
  • Disapprove the budget
  • More discussion needed

I second this proposal.

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what do you think about the payrate being measured in USD (but still paid out in TRIBE)?

a fixed amount of TRIBE per month won’t work well if the TRIBE price goes significantly up or down. whereas paying $X per month is more dependable for everyone involved. if the security/reliability/robustness of OA is partially dependent on these payments then we don’t want a crash in TRIBE price to compromise the OA mechanism


I would be fine with both options. However, if we settle for a payrate in USD, then it should probably be paid out in FEI. Otherwise, payments could still highly fluctuate, as they would first be sent to the gnosis safe and then to the individual OA member’s wallet.

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I’d suggest simply changing it to 3000 FEI / person / month.

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Ideally all people involved with Fei should have compensation structure comprised of both upfront FEI and vested TRIBE, maybe in varying proportions. That would create closer to optimal balance of incentives.

Just reminding of the bigger picture. For the OA bridge FEI 3000 is probably the simplest/best solution.

Moving this to last call, as there is not much discussion around this.

The OA team voted on alternative compensation structures after storm’s comment. We determined that 3000 FEI/person/month is a more robust compensation structure and will move the vote forward with that instead.