TIP-123: Deprecate Optimistic Governance and the Tribal Council

This is a Tribal Council proposal that deprecates the Optimistic Governance and Tribal Council governance smart contracts.

The optimistic governance upgrade was introduced in FIP-82 (FIP-82: Governance Enhancements) and in line with TIP-121 (TIP-121: Proposal for the future of the Tribe DAO) the tribal council would likely not be needed. Future governance proposals can be proposed and executed by the DAO.

To deprecate, this proposal performs the following:

  1. Revoke Tribe roles from the optimistic governance smart contracts. This prevents the optimistic governance
    and Tribal Council contracts from interacting with the Fei system. A small number of high level access
    roles can later be removed by the DAO.
  2. Revoke all internal Tribal Council timelock EXECUTOR, PROPOSER, CANCELLER and TIMELOCK_ADMIN roles.
    This will render the Tribal Council timelock unusable by the Tribal Council Multisig.
  3. Change the admin of deprecated timelocks from the TC timelock to the DAO timelock
    Critically, this proposal if passed can be undone at any time by the DAO to reintroduce the Tribal Council while the DAO retains any governance power.
    The Tribe DAO optimistic governance process is outlined here: Overview | Tribe DAO Docs

This has been submitted to the Tribal Council timelock for optimistic approval.

In addition, a DAO vote will be submitted tomorrow (9/14) to complete some of the admin tasks associated with the above action, as well as sell the remaining LUSD from TIP-121a: Consolidation and clawback La Tribu (with approval from @eswak).

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