Mint NFTs for official Tribe DAO documents (e.g. investment policy statement)


I’ve been thinking about how to uniquely incorporate NFTs for Tribe. What are people’s thoughts on minting key Tribe DAO documents like the PCV (or Treasury) Investment Policy Statement and Risk Management Strategy (cc @Bruno)?

From my understanding, these items will be voted on by the DAO and if that’s the case, I think it’d be pretty cool to mint the first ever DAO voted on investment policy statement and risk management strategy. It’s a cool way to create a historical record of our DAO’s work and I think as Fei scales, someone might find these pieces of history quite valuable. These documents would just be the beginning as we’d continue to add to the “Tribe Canon” over time. Perhaps we can even sell these NFTs to interested buyers and use the proceeds for things like grants/bounties, assuming there is a demand for them.



I like this ideal of having important community documents officially registered and creating a historical record of it.

Good idea, no reason not to get in on the NFT hype.

Can’t wait to make some graphics for the Tribe Canon, those are going to be legendary.
If we can manage to be first ones doing this it could lead to some good PR as well.

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I agree with you). call me for help, do the graphics for this)