Fei-Rari Integration

Hey Tribe - We have initiated a discussion with the Rari community < FEI Lending Partnership - Rari Governance Forums > around integration options between the two platforms, including supplying liquidity and direct pool management by the Fei DAO.

What does everyone think of the discussed parameters? Reducing the Rari platform fee from 10% to 6% for 9 months (will revisit with the Rari community then) with a minimum bound liquidity deployment of 10M FEI and giving the Fei DAO admin functionality.

We think this is a great way to start exploring ways to develop FEI utility. This is a continuation of the discussion started here.


I think 6% is still higher than expected but its better that 10%. 10M is a good enough size for the fuse pool but not that large when compared with overall pcv.

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Snapshot vote is live on Rari. If you hold RGT and are in agreement, go over and vote → Snapshot

This is excellent. Great protocol with the best reputation. This will be good for us.