Partnership Program: Tribes

Hey Tribe!

This is a proposal for a Tribe working group dealing with partnerships and working closely together with the possible integrations Tribe. It was created by @Meertitan and @DioDionysos . As we explain further down in the post, we are still looking for team members.
Of course, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

1. What goal are we trying to accomplish?

The core goal of this Tribe is to find integration partners that could increase the viability of FEI and make it a more established currency. After connections with a project have been established and a deal has been worked out/outlined the Partnership team could hand the reins over to the developer team(or even let the partner resource the code) to finalize the partnership.

We would thus:

  • reach out to new partners
  • track interactions with partners
  • manage established connections
  • reduce the workload of the core team

2. What impact will this group have?

The impact this will have is a deep integration of FEI and TRIBE into other DeFi projects. Thus giving FEI and TRIBE more value and use cases.

3. What does this group aim to accomplish

The main methods will be social engineering, the team will try to connect with as many viable partners as possible. This would be limited to partners that can increase viability and bring use cases for FEI.

4. What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?

For the timeline, we want to be put on a month-long trial period. If we fail to deliver on our weekly reports, the Tribe can be disbanded earlier.

5. What is needed to accomplish this task/project?

The budget this group needs is minimal. Once the connection to another DeFi project is established, the budget needed for a specific partnership can be discussed.

One example would be: PoolTogether
We could allocate some of the DAO treasury towards a pool based on certain conditions:

  • seed a prize for a period of time (for example 60 days at $2000USD per week) to attract people to the pool
  • allow the pool to grow by more and more TRIBE holders joining
  • start drawing prizes for people that deposited into the pool in certain intervals

After these parameters are determined for a certain partnership, then we can think about funding the acquired partnership.

6. Working Group Leader(s): Who manages the group?

Working Group leaders: Dual Leadership @DioDionysos & @Meertitan ?
Both of us have already proven engagement in the community. We have put a lot of our time into this project and are willing to invest even more.
We hope to establish trust in our leadership and work culture when it comes to pursuing partnerships.
We are possibly looking for another member that could fill the timeframe from UTC+2 12 AM to 10 AM.

7. How will you report your progress to the community?

Weekly report at least (Discord/Discourse), reporting progress on each possible partnership and maybe summarizing pros/cons of potential partnerships.

If connections have been established, we could discuss(Discourse) them with the community before continuing the pursuit.

Weekly calls(Discord?):
This would also be an option if there is enough participation from the community.

Possible Partners:


  • Coinbase
  • FTX
  • Gemini
  • Huobi
  • Binance
  • dydx

Layer 2 solution:

  • Fantom
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche

Lending Platforms:

  • Curve → specializes in stable coins, very attractive
  • Cream Finance → decentralized like AAVE and Compound
  • Alchemix → currently only features DAI (FEI another logical choice?)


  • Badger (vault?)
  • KEK (custom analytics?)
  • Bao (farming?) → possible Sushi connections?
  • UMA (synthetics?)

Would you be interested in establishing this Tribe to help out the team with partnerships and support the protocol’s long-term vision?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, with modifications

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Want to see “dydx” in this list.
Also dydx mostly has same investors as fei protocol.


Thanks kala. I will add it to the list. :+1:


Lots of things to explore at the same time, not sure a one month trial is the best timeline to judge the results but other than that very good points here!


Thank you for your feedback. Yea, we thought about the period.

What would you suggest? Of course it can be longer, but as we said, if we do not deliver on reports, then this group can be cancelled earlier anyways.

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I think adding Alchemix to this list would go a long way towards some additional utility for fei holders, or the protocol as a whole.


Thanks for the fast feedback!

Of course the goal is not to get all these parnters in one month. This is merely a list of possibly viable partners that we brainstormed.

Another factor is the stability of FEI. It will be difficiult to convince partners until FIP-3 and FIP-4 are passed and implemented. So if the WG would form now then I don’t think the time until FEI is stable should be counted towards this grace period.

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We thought about Alchemix but didn’t want to put too much on the list at once.

I’ll add it to our internal Doc, it will definitely be an option moving forward. Thanks for the recommendation!


Thank you for the suggestion. We added it to the list! :+1:

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You guys have been great moderators, but would love to see at least one person with high technical ability in the group. We have see great discussions in the forum.


@DioDionysos great proposal on the Partnership program. I have a couple of comments/questions:

  1. What is your criteria to determine the partners, and how do you intend to engage them? Have you thought about any risk aspects to any potential partners? How do we appeal to them the potential of Fei? Are there any marketing materials? Do we need any incentives with the potential partners?
  2. A 30-day trial seems rather short. I would suggest 60 days based on the manpower that you have, but I defer to yourselves and the wider community to come up with the best timeframe.
  3. What is your vision of your KPI of a successful outcome? Will we aim to have at least 1 partner? Or one partner in every category as you have laid out above?
  4. Do we need to anticipate a lead time for the technical implementation of such partnerships?
  5. How do we deal with the PR for a successful partnership?

Thank you for your feedback, @mans9841 .

As we said here:

We would be happy to recruit a more technical team member or possibly even work closely together with another integrations Tribe.

As Grant mentioned lots of different Tribes can be formed.

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Thanks @DioDionysos for the message.

We all know PCV is 1 billion+ worth, and this has a lot a attention.

And we don’t know what skill sets you bring. So, when you are proposing to become the core member of the group, the Tribe holders should at least know your abilities. So in addition to the things you have mentioned, why don’t you mention what skills and abilities you bring and what makes you perfect candidate for the group?

And in a core working group, I think it is best to have skills spread across candidates while having information asymmetry as less as possible with no conflicts of interests. I am not in favour of two persons having same skills in the group. For example, in Partnerships and Integrations, one could have communication skills while the other can have integration and simulation skills. Also, all questions asked by @arcology are fairly valid.

As an example, I put here of Pangolin Product Owner (Avalanche DEX)


Yes, I can see that.

As for my skill set I have worked as a translator(Japanese, English, German) and moderator for multiple protocols, which has proven my communication skills.
The main difference between @Meertitan 's and my skill set is that @Meertitan has worked on graphics for Fei Protocol next to modding. He could keep designing those when partnerships are formed, which will also be great for reports. In addition to that he has connections marketing professionals in the crypto space.

We are currently answering arcology’s questions. :wink:

I definitely appreciate the more critical approach. :+1:


Hey @arcology

Thanks for the questions.

FEI is the stablecoin for DeFI
Of course we are looking for partners that are also decentralized. However when it comes to exchanges we will also need to consider CEX, as those provide a huge userbase we cannot miss out on.
FEI’s appeal is clearly being a scalable, decentralized stablecoin, whcih there aren’ta lot of. This is always a good point to stress for partnerships. In addition to that TRIBE would also need to be marketed as the token that governs this great protocol, so TRIBE can also find some usecases.

This first post was more aimed to check the sentiment of the community on this topic and give an outline of our ideas. As we stated the WG is looking for a few more members as well, so we wouldn’t just do this as a duo.
That being said we are open to adjusting the trail period to 60 days instead.

Our KPI would of course be the amount and quality of brought in partnerships. At least one partnership would have to be established during the trial period I’d say, definitely aiming for more. The exact spread of those partnerships would depend on the current needs and how attractive FEI is to partners at the time.

Based on @DioDionysos experience some partners deliver the implementation themselves, while others will need help with implementation from our side. Of course it also depends on the integrations Tribe that we will work closesly with.

This is where I come in. We could talk about a possible marketing fund for advertising campaigns, I already established connections with a marketing professional in the crypto space. This is only an option, we could mostly advertise via partner’s and our own social media.


Brianna from the core team works on PR and integrations too right? How does she fit into all of this? @brianna


I fully agree with the spirit of this working group. Though I believe that its scope is too large to be meaningfully addressed by a single working group.

I think the more realistic scope of a working group will be to aim to target just one or two partnership, and seek to complete that in a well defined time frame.


My original vision for WG’s/Tribes is that each WG would have a core team member that they work closely with, or at least report progress to and support. Brianna does Pr and Integrations indeed, so she would be a great match for this Tribe.

As @cozeno says as well, this is a huge undertaking in terms of scope. So it may be best to be divided into various bounties. Perhaps one Large tribe, with several smaller tribes each focused on a specific set. The main group would oversee these smaller groups and could be comprised of @DioDionysos @Meertitan who are free to contribute where needed on them. On top of that, both of you would have the resources of the community to search out other contributors and onboard them to the smaller Tribes.

One team to Focus on each of the following

  • Exchanges
  • Layer 2
  • Lending
  • Other protocols

Agree with both points you raised @GrantG . Every WG should have a narrow scope, sort of a tunnel vision so that we have efficiency across multiple ones.


I mean in that regard the same goes for all the coding. Seb and Joey could take care of it. Which is why we said this:

In many ways, the team could do everything but it might take them too long given the workload would be insanely large.