Did the initial investors & founding team participate in the dump?

Before putting a band-aid on the issues, I think the community has a right to know:

  1. Whether the founding team sold TRIBE or FEI post-genesis, and if so, when and how much was sold;
  2. Whether the initial investors (Naval, Andreesen, Coinbase, etc.) sold TRIBE or FEI post-genesis, and if so, when and how much was sold.

This is material to whether I have any faith in this project moving forward. There were many smaller investors, myself included, that got destroyed because of the high-selling pressure immediately post-genesis. If the founders and/or initial investors participated in the dump, this is something we - the community - are entitled to know.

Similarly, if the initial investors and founding team did not sell, this will restore my faith and confidence in the team and project. In essence, no matter how you slice it, whether the insiders dumped and contributed to the unfortunate position we find ourselves in is relevant and material.

Initial investments such as these are time locked and need to vest. They did not have immediate access to their time locked TRIBE.


What Grant said and then also you can see the release schedule here:


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