$0.9 FEI redemption + 90% TRIBE redemption

We should let speculative Tribe holders leave with 90% original investment. Otherwise, this community is toxic.
The upcoming poll for ‘Reserve Stabilization’ might solve the issue that FEI is under pegged. However, the current situation’s core issue is that there are too many speculators who participated in the Genesis launch. A $0.9 or even $1 redemption won’t reduce the chaos from them.
In my opinion, we know how many ETH are committed with & without pre-swap. We should offer a way to let them leave with 90% original investment. This will reduce their loss maximally and indirectly increase the accrued value for the remained Tribe holders.

Edit: This proposal can only be done now before staking reward inflation is too big.
Edit2: Those Tribe tokens that are returned from speculators can be used to reward Tribe holders who choose to stay.
Edit3: If this proposal is accepted, we have a proper FEI circulation with a rational Tribe community with a $100M value addon in Fei protocol.

We should not let them leave with more than the market is up to pay for their tokens…
The protocol should not buyback and the tribe holder should be against this too.