How to Find my Tribe that was purchased for 2 ETH during Pre-Launch

What would I need to do in order to track and recover my pre-launch tokens? The 2 ETH were sent and then I lost track of where the Tribe was supposed to go. I do not recall if I provided my Metamask address. I remember it was a bit of a confusing purchase process both before and after the launch and it was right before the deadline of when funds needed to sent. Tribe at the time was trading for around $2.00.

Do you mean your Genesis tokens?

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My guess is that they were genesis tokens. This was on the day of the official launch so we were acting fast to get the ETH transferred before the deadline. I remember seeing the ETH transaction received on the Tribe site. I do not remember what was supposed to happen after that unfortunately.

Hello. you can get Genesis Tokens from the link from Dio