Whitelist Bankless DAO as Fuse Pool Creator


We propose to whitelist Bankless DAO as a fuse pool creator, to verify pools 181 and 182, and to enable the DAO to create verified pools in the future.

Background and Motivation:

Bankless DAO is a decentralized organization and community that aims to help increase the awareness and adoption of Bankless money systems like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and DeFi. The DAO has launched numerous products throughout the DeFi and NFT ecosystems in the hopes of tackling this goal, including indices like GMI (of which TRIBE is a member) and BED in conjunction with the Index Coop.

Pool 181 is intended to serve as a complement to GMI, by providing a venue where the tokenholders of the index’s constituent protocols can borrow against their holdings. We also hope to encourage adoption of GMI’s stablecoin protocols by exclusively utilizing FEI, FRAX, alUSD, and RAI within the pool.

Pool 182 will similarly allow BANK holders, and, pending a secure oracle, holders of Bankless Indices to borrow against their holdings.

Given the tightly aligned interests between Bankless DAO, Index Coop and the Tribe DAO, we intend to leverage the Bankless platform to help promote these pools and encourage the adoption of Fuse and FEI.

Additional Bankless DAO Information:

Website: https://www.bankless.community/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/banklessDAO?s=20&t=E9mNqSPqowSxfM-HkU1ihA

Pool 181 Admin Address: 0x39b8889bEEa01e80210eB56e96D131B00c5e9D9C

Pool 182 Admin Address: banklessvault.eth


This proposal seems very non-controversial. I’m fully in support of whitelisting Bankless DAO as a pool creator. I also think these two pools will make Bankless DAO a very good candidate for Turbo sometime after its launch.


Echoing support from the Index Coop team. @bgiove and Bankless DAO team have continually shown to be incredible servants within the DeFi community. Excited to see more pools built by experts like them. Not to mention they’re the same gigabrains that made TRIBE the largest holding in GMI :raised_hands: