Whitelist GIVeth DAO as Fuse Pool creator

We propose to whitelist GIVeth DAO as a fuse pool creator, to verify pools 167 and to enable the DAO to create verified pools in the future.

Background and Motivation:

GIVeth DAO-- Our mission is to connect people, ideas and resources by building free, open-source decentralized applications to bridge the non-profit and blockchain worlds. We are creating an interface between the prosocial, value-driven, collective-focused magic-makers of the world and the revolutionary funding streams that the cryptospace has opened up.

We want to boostrap our $oneGIV token that will help collateralize our GIV token - creating a more stable token for Donor and Project Owners to use for funding for good projects on our platform.

Additional GIVeth DAO Information:

Website: https://giveth.io/

Discord: Giveth

Pool 167 Admin Address: 0xff75E131c711e4310C045317779d39B3B4f718C4


Totally in support! Iā€™d love to verify GIVeth DAO as a pool creator.

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