Tribal Force Proposal: Long-term Contributor Program

Thanks for replying! Do we have a dedicated channel to discuss the program? By the way, I agree with @Brianna, If the merging will happen, then it’s better to wait for the Merger finalized.

I continue to think that the MakerDAO core units are not an accurate comparables here. Ditto for Index Coop. Have not heard about Gro Protocol before.

In the cases of MakerDAO and Index Coop, the compensation listed is for people that interviewed to be in those orgs, then took a multi-year vesting schedule and are working exclusively on those protocols (in most cases). For MakerDAO, a budget was set for each core unit to achieve a specific goal after the dissolution of the foundation.

The teams in the core units had worked under the Maker Foundation for years, so they had fully ramped-up, qualified teams and an established management structure. Index teams were formed in a more grassroots manner (not by dissolving a legal entity), but they still recruit, hire and manage using a process very similar to that of a software startup and very different to what is proposed here.

Its clear that some specific roles that TF funds should have compensation as high as is being suggested here, but the proposals initial formulation of paying 100% ($200k+/yr) to the most engaged TF members worries me, despite the pivot in the proposal to compensate based on value provided.

The TF proposal is different from these examples in ways that are relevant to compensation. The idea is to set up a general purpose structure to compensate community members participating in a wide variety of ways and providing a wide range of value to the protocol. The TF leads structure is also a lot more novel and risky than the more traditional management structures of core units.

For those skeptical about the above points, I do believe that we will get a lot of clarity on how accurate these compensation comparables are if the following is established by the authors of the proposal:

  • How much would some of the members of the TF be paid if the program had started 1 quarter ago as formulated here? Would be useful to get a variety of examples, since the candidates for TF do everything from Discord moderation to complex financial analysis.

  • How will the value of the work done by contributors be established to determine the overall compensation level? In other words, how did the authors of this proposal arrive at the numbers for the previous quarter? As I mentioned before, this is the hardest thing to figure out about this proposal and is under-explained.

Answering these questions will give the community a sense of how you value different kinds of work, but I would encourage a conversation about establishing a system/guildelines/brackets for compensating different kinds of work.

Some of the smartest, most forward looking minds in crypto spent months in nasty public fights to determine the value that different core units provide to MakerDAO. This is even more complicated because TF will be establishing compensation for individuals. I think we should think very seriously about how this is going to be determined and establish frameworks beyond just saying that the TF leads will somehow do it. This comment feels very hand-wavy in that context.

Summary: overcompensation is a valuable part of this proposal, but these comparables make little sense to me. Its not clear at all how the TF leads think about the value of different kinds of contributions, but I’m looking forward to hearing more.


Are payments planned from the PCV budget? If this is the case, then I think this discussion is premature. Genesis investors at a big loss.


Hey @dremon43,
No, they will come from the DAO treasury, see:


I am writing to apply for a Tribal Force Leads role; with consultation with Fei Core Team members, I am preparing to transition to full time participation at Fei DAO therefore I consider it appropriate to apply for the added responsibility of TF leads. Having started this movement out of a desire to make existing compensations at Fei more transparent, I would like to follow through and take on the administration of the program.

Past involvement

I have been continuously active in the community since genesis, and I have since been actively maintaining, moderating, and translating the Chinese language discord channel. I have also maintained other Chinese language media outlets such as five wechat groups, and Chinese language newsletters. An extremely important aspect of this task has been translating and explaining all new governance proposals to DAO members who otherwise would not have been able to participate.

Given the heightened language barrier of the very large and active Chinese community, this task has morphed into somewhat of an ambassadorship between the communities; I have been consistently collecting sentiment, feedback, and suggestions from DAO members who otherwise would not be heard and presenting them to the FEI core team and the wider community.

I am also the first to propose an interest rate subsidies model where the protocol systematically mints new FEI to lend out to lending platforms. While generating organic revenues for the DAO, this approach makes FEI borrowing rates lower hence more attractive to borrow and promotes its use. Although my initial attempt has not been successful, this vision has been largely realized with the Rari pool 8 and Aave lending market. The current Optimistic Approval squad is administering a very similar program, and has injected in excess of 100M of Protocol owned FEI towards this end. My role on the OA has been to establish parameters with which to inject or to withdraw protocol owned FEI to rapidly adjust to market conditions.

Lastly, I have been active in Fei’s marketing fields, including bringing Bancor integration to fruition, and aiding with Fei’s listing at Aave and Comp.

My skills and experiences

My employment has been that of a Chinese-English legal translator in the US state of Massachusetts, in which I’ve worked for six years. This aspect of my skills has been extensively leveraged since genesis. My other significant occupation has been in real estate, and I have worked in management and sales, until I was able to focus on flipping and investing in my own projects.

I also have a deep interest and some experience in traditional finance; I have worked as a proprietary equity options trader for two years.

What are your expected contributions?

Given my suite of experiences, and what I have worked on at FEI Protocol, I think it would be natural to continue and expand my role as a bridge for the Chinese community. In this capacity, I would seek to foster greater governance participation in the Chinese community. Instead of merely relaying the latest governance proposals to Chinese, I will help influential members who otherwise would be deterred by the language barrier to actively participate in the DAO by being their interpreter and their legislative fiduciary.

As the scope of Fei’s educational and promotion materials increase, as will the need for translations. With my transition to a full time basis at Fei DAO, I can allocate time to translate materials such as Fei Academy, Bruno’s articles, etc.

There have been discussions of a large drive for Chinese language marketing; it would be natural for me to follow up with the initiative and scale operations up significantly. I should seek to help other language imparied community members who have expressed interest in discord and wechat, to navigate the Tribal Force application process, and if possible, to coordinate their efforts.

Fei Protocol thus far has relied almost on passive word-of-mouth for its marketing; with the upcoming launch of V2 and potential merge, there will be an excellent opportunity to push for heightened recognition of Fei. With collaboration and discussion with Brianna, I can expand the active marketing efforts to the English language media as well; especially focusing to counteract the bad rap generated from the month following genesis.

The other aspect which I feel that I would expand my participation would be the continuous evolution of the lending interest subsidies project. Although my earlier proposal of FEI lend has not come to fruition due to the issues of the assembled team; I am happy to see its principles realized with the multi-platform minting/lending program. Perhaps I am being too presumptuous in believing that I have been one of the key minds behind the current program, but I do feel a deep sense of participation and ownership, and I wish to further develop it to become a faster reacting and more secure system. In light of the potential Fei-Rari merge, I believe a proprietary lending apparatus can greatly increase the policy runway for cheap borrowing rates.

Should the merge materialize, I would like to play an involved role in incorporating the two protocols, especially with regards to our Chinese communities. I can extend any of the aforementioned tasks for a transitional Rari DAO should the situation calls for it.

Breakdown of past three months’ activities:

Overall proxy level if TF was active in retrospect: ~50% level during Sept, Oct, Nov

OA 15-20%; My role on the OA has been to establish parameters with which to inject or to withdraw protocol owned FEI to rapidly adjust to market conditions. Along with scrutinizing potential Cream style attacks on newly deployed funds.

Modding 20%:, an activity level on Discord fully servicing current server activity, (200+ posts now, up to 2000 posts when activity was high). Sole operation of Wechat group, with around 100 active members, spending at least 2 hrs per day bringing over latest governance developments. Aggregating sentiment and proposals from Chinese boards and posting them on discourse/discord on behalf of the community.

Translating 15%: brief summary of every FIP, and in depth, high quality translation of important documents/forum posts such as Rari-Fei Merge proposal, LaaS, Vote Delegation, Fei V2 etc.


My percentage breakdown of the past 3 months. Note that this includes tasks that were compensated by other means in the past, that will be compensated by TF moving forward

Moderation 20%: I’m the second most active moderator on Discord, with around 12-14 hours of availability every day. This includes education, on-boarding, banning of scammers and bots, answering DMs and of course content moderation. I also handle the Vietnamese channel, although that one is very small for now.
In addition I’m also the only Discourse Admin other than the core team. This includes the deletion of spam/posts that break our community guidelines, as well as deleting topics with no engagement to keep the forum clean.

OA 15%: My role on OA requires a high trust level from both the team and the DAO. I seldom proposed autonomous actions myself so far, but engaged in their discussion and ensured fast execution as one of the top signers and executors of that program.

Furthermore I was one of the creators and a contributor of the OA Tracker, which will help to bring more transparency to OA actions in the future.

Newsletter 5%: I write the monthly newsletter in collaboration with Dio and Brianna from the core team, summing up all things Fei that happened during the month.

Fei Grants Program 10%: Setting up the internal and public trackers of the program, handling applications, MCing the weekly grants call, reaching out to applicants, doing research on RFPs (Request For Proposals), “sniping” potential applicants. The work of the grants program is multifaceted and one of the most exciting programs in the protocol right now.

Fei Academy 10%: Academy is the community education website I founded and built with the help of Dio. Academy is probably the resource I link to the most in my daily modding activities, as it contains a plethora of valuable information, such as on-boarding material, the
History of Fei as well as the trade spot, among others. I’m excited to keep on building on Academy in the future and make it even better. One idea that we already played around with are step-by-step staking guides, both in picture and/or video format, for all of the different staking opportunities Fei Protocol offers.

All in all I would estimate my percentage of the last 3 months to be at ~60%. This would put me in the 50% compensation bracket.
Moving forward, assuming I take on the TF Leads role I applied for, keep building on Academy and take on some extra responsibilities I have recently been approached about, I would strive to reach the 75% bracket by the end of the pilot.


Moderation 20%:
As I am the most active mod I claim a rather large percentage. Last month I had about 500 posts and I am usually accessible for 15-16 hours every day. My German and Japanese translations are included as they do not bring too much value and are for a smaller crowd.

With moderation, there are also the tasks of banning bots and helping community members in DMs. These tasks are not really publicly available. But I am sure that the other mods can account for me.

OA 15%:
My role has been to ensure fast execution, as well as queueing up actions. In discussions, I followed and pointed towards the guidelines and frameworks. For the OA internally, Bruno and I tracked the majority of executions for the gas refunds.

Recently, Bruno, meertitan and I also set up the OA Tracker for transparency and education. This Notion will be expanded on in the future.

Fei Grants Program 10%:
The majority of the work was setting up the websites before the program launched. After that, it shifted towards management of applications and outreach to our applicants.
The grants committee updates their efforts in weekly meetings.

Newsletter 10%(split with meertitan, 5% each):
The Newsletter is a collection and write-up of all the Fei Protocol related data that meertitan and I collect throughout a month.

Fei Academy 10%:
The Fei Academy was founded by meertitan while I contributed majorly to the History of Fei, which currently takes a high amount of effort to keep up to date. That is why meertitan is also helping me with updating the History of Fei in a timely manner.
This is one of the platforms that I want to keep building on during my time in TF.

To sum it up over the last three months, I would be at around 60% and would thus fall under the 50% bracket. If the merger and v2 cause a lot of activity on the Discord (as they have been so far) and with the TF Leads role, I would claim 75% of the payment.


Hi guys,

Are you applying to be a Tribal Member or Tribal Leader?

I am applying to be a member of the Tribal Force.

Describe your participation / expert participation in the Fei ecosystem and in the DeFi space in general?

I joined the protocol before Genesis and actively supported it from the beginning until now. I have been dealing with cryptocurrency since 2013. I have been actively involved in cryptocurrency since 2017. The ambitious goals of the FEI protocol and its uniqueness suited me and I became an active supporter of it.

What skills / experience do you / do you bring?

My main skills are willingness to help people, give them information and involve them.

I communicate easily with people.

My professional experience in the DeFi space is mainly related to the work of a community manager.

In addition, I translate into several languages ​​(Russian, Spanish, Italian and French.

Another skill I have is a graphic designer. Many things. which you use on a daily basis in the protocol were made by me. For example, some illustrations for announcements, emoji, some infographics that are used in Fei Academy and mods to explain the principles of operation of certain processes.

I understand the processes occurring in the protocol and can explain them to the community and illustrate them.

What is your expected contribution?

Currently my contributions, potentially falling under the Tribal Force scope, include:

o Moderator of the Russian channel, French, Italian, Spanish

o Translator into Russian, French, Italian, Spanish.

o Graphic designer, infographic.

Additional question: What are the long-term goals of your contribution to the Fei ecosystem?

In the long term, I want a large-scale development of the protocol. I will do my best to educate the community, and to popularize the protocol.

Most of my tasks are focused on teaching, moderation, translations and graphics. The role of a member of the tribal forces would be a logical continuation of what I am doing now and would provide an opportunity to promote the protocol with all my competencies.

My percentage breakdown of the past 3 months.
Moderation - 15%:
Basically I moderate the Russian channel. In addition, I moderate the French, Spanish and Italian channels. For some reason, many users are in a hurry to share problems with me in personal correspondence (however, I think that this happens with all mods)

During moderation, there are also tasks to ban bots. And I can proudly say that we have one of the cleanest and safest discords for users.

Translations - 15%:
I translate news, announcements, significant events, as well as Newsletters (made by Dio and Meertitan) as well as everything that is interesting for users into Russian, French, Spanish and Italian. I was one of the first who started translating FIP into these languages, because I thought it had an educational function and would help users understand what was happening in the protocol

Presentation of the Protocol in the Russian-language cryptocurrency forum - 5%:
I publish information about the protocol, translations, announcements, my opinions. Information from this forum with links is published on large telegram channels related to cryptocurrencies, which increases the popularization of the protocol. Due to my posts, I have been noted as one of the most active content creators on this crypto site.

At the end of 3 months I was about 35%. This way I hit the 25% bar.


Here is my percentage breakdown of the past 3 months. Note that only the Articles and the first month of OA were compensated.

Articles 20%: I have been writing articles on Substack and related threads on Twitter that are increasing Fei awareness. The articles are highly time intensive in research, writing, review and design. Building a narrative is key to strengthening the Fei brand and bringing more DAO members. The articles also help on education and transparency. My tweets about Fei had 60,000 impressions and the articles 1,000 views on Substack.

PCV Proposals and Analysis & Integrations 25%: In the last 3 months, I continued my trajectory of authoring successful proposals related to PCV deployment (Acquiring 100M LUSD and Balancer DAO Swap). As one of the most active community members in the forum, I provided my analysis in almost every topic. Just to give a number, I have created a total of 181 posts in the forum, such as risk and financial analysis, helping the DAO to make better decisions. I brought the perspectives of someone that is already working in the banking sector for more than 10 years. In the integration front, I helped to reach some potential first users of Liquidity-as-a-Service ( LaaS), including Gelato, NFTX, StakeDAO, GRO.

OA 15%-20%: As a trusted member in the OA multisig, I engaged in discussions, analyzed proposals and executed transactions. I took the initiative to transfer 25M FEI to Aave, queueing this transaction for OA approval. For the OA internally, Dio and I tracked the majority of executions for the gas refunds. I also built with Meer and Dio, the OA tracker with Meer and Dio, aiming to increase the transparency of Fei DAO.

Considering these activities over the last three months, I would be at around 60% and would thus fall under the 50% bracket. Moving forward, assuming I take on the TF Leads role and continue the other tasks, I would claim 75% of the payment.


I’m writing to apply to join the TribalForce as a member.

As with others who have mentioned before me, I’m a community member who stayed on from Genesis and I’m pleased that the community has started to move toward true decentralization as a DAO. I encourage those who would like to contribute long term to Fei Protocol to join this framework. I have written previously (back in May 2021) about the need to decentralize and created a vision for a potential form for the DAO, highlighted here.

I bring with me a more nuanced and risk-balanced approach to the various initiatives brought forward from both the community and Fei Labs (ie I challenge everybody). I’m not from a tech or finance background but I am a project manager with 15 years of experience. My interests lie in operations, strategy and growth potential and I have written proposals for integrations for Fei. See FIP-10 and FIP-20 - which are some the highest impact proposals executed to date.

I am a current member of the Grants Committee and I would expect my contribution under this framework be split evenly between administration of this program as it becomes absorbed into the TribalForce framework. My other half of contribution would be to continue to pursue integrations and business development and other growth opportunities to support and expand the Fei ecosystem. If anyone would like to join me in this effort, please let me know.

My proposed tranche of compensation/participation will be 25%.


I’d like to offer a few comments on the things said and not said in this thread.

It’s been suggested here that Fei DAO contributors can’t even compare their compensation rates to that of DeFi bluechips, like Aave and Maker, since those are bigger, older, have more intricate internal procedures than Fei.

By this logic Fei Labs should be paying its employees several orders of magnitude less than Google or Apple, let alone IBM, which is a hundred years old.

Fei Labs clearly realises that it has to compete for talent in the open market and is offering its engineers competitive salary by Bay Area standards (120-200k). And to compensate for the lack of perks and other benefits, which come with a job at a Silicon Valley bluechip, Fei Labs is offering its engineers a far more hefty equity package, percentage point wise, that any Google or Apple employee could imagine now. There used to be info on about 0.75-1% for each early engineer, but it has been removed ever since. Plus a chance to participate in building web3.

As of today Total Market Cap of DeFi is roughly $147B. That of Citigroup — $130B. With all my appreciation of DeFi’s future, code written and communities of passionate people gathered here haven’t yet created value worth more than Citigroup. Meanwhile Japan’s largest financial group Mitsubishi UFJ is worth $75B, Europe’s largest bank HSBC — $84B.

Fei’s MCap, $500M, is largely tied to the overall market sentiment towards DeFi. In particular, it’s a reflection of its overcollateralised PCV, which in turn consists mainly of ETH and some minor DeFi tokens. Finally, ETH’s current MCap is largely justified by its most viable applications: DeFi, some social tokens and NFT, the rest is an even more far-off prospect. Hence we come the full circle.

In other words the huge paper $ value accumulated inside Fei for now is a mere projection of DeFi’s promise of fat decentralised financial protocols. To realise this promise it’s not enough to build a glorious software product or establish partnerships. Fei needs a perfectly working decentralisation layer.

As shown by Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz in his book “What you do is who you are”, organisation’s culture codified by its leaders in actions is a crucial ingredient in the endeavour’s success or failure. A culture, where some contributors, in particular those delivering decentralisation for the decentralised protocol, are regarded and treated as second class citizens and are offered to adhere to different standards than first class contributors belonging to the centralised part of the protocol, is sour. It spurs resentment, creates unhealthy environment and eventually leads to the decline of the whole endeavour. Also culture, where technical input is regarded as first tier and the rest — as second tier goes against DeFi’s ethos as a community-driven initiative and hence against its long-term interests as well.

When there is a protocol started by a for-profit private company, there emerges natural tension regarding power and financial transfer and long-term balance. But it’s in everyone’s best interest to bring both centralised and decentralised parts of the community to the common ground and make everyone feel as an important part of the protocol’s future.


For ease of viewing, these are the people who have explained their previous months estimated compensation. Rates are considered at $8k per month at 100%. Correct me if I am wrong on this part.

Cozeno - 50% = 4k
Meertitan - 50% = 4k
DioDionysos - 50% = 4k
Bruno - 50% = 4k
Spiral - 25% = 2k
Arcology - 25% = 2k

Some of these are not like the other when delving into what is done, but how do we weight the work values? How much transparency is needed? 1-100% self reporting might be better than the 4 brackets.

Are you only considering FEI?
Check out the initial proposal:

This would mean:
100% = 8000 FEI and 8000 TRIBE
50% = 4000 FEI and 4000 TRIBE

That is a valid idea, but it might end up being too difficult to manage. We are trying to keep it simple. A similar group to Tribal Force is the Ballers task force from Balancer.
They operate under a similar framework and also use self-reporting in brackets (100%, 50%, and 0%).
Check out their framework if you are interested:


I just skimmed through the Balancer post, and they are doing tasks much more comparable to what you detailed (translations, discord/discourse modding, graphisms, documentation, preparing proposals, etc), so maybe it’s a good reference.

They are compensating with 250 BAL (=5k$) for part time, 500 BAL (=10k$) for full time per month, with 40% (4k$) available immediately, and the remaining 60% (6k$) vested linearly over 2 years, with 1 year cliff. With similar terms, for instance 5000 FEI per month for full time + 5000 TRIBE per month vesting over 2 years with 1 year cliff, I think it would be a no brainer & the Tribal Force would be started right away.

To put things in perspective, that would still be more than what I used to make as an aerospace engineer in France (something you need 5 years of study + a tedious interview process, full-time commitment, sometimes months of training after hiring, etc), and that is an activity that can be done during free time in addition to studies or a chill day job, without commitment.

Spicy question : if TRIBE drops 50%, or soars 3x, at what frequency do we expect to re-evaluate the TRIBE part of the salary ? Would a contributor be grandfathered with its TRIBE rate if the token price goes up & they stay for a long time ?

There is no doubt having full-time contributors funded by the DAO would be very valuable, and I think we should do it, but it’s really just the proposed compensation that is problematic. You guys are rock stars and have been here since the beginning, so the upper end of the spectrum is definitely appropriate. But for reference, 8000 FEI + 8000 TRIBE fully liquid would be more than what I’m earning fully liquid monthly as a solidity developer, a very specialized job for which it’s practically impossible to recruit for, as an engineer with 7 years of experience in sw development. I think that amount would be OK for people with 5-10+ years of experience in finance/tech for a few strategic positions, or highly specialized skills, but these would have to interview (with who? maybe discussed & snapshotted individually) & compete against other candidates. Moderating the discord and forum, translating posts etc, is time-consuming, and should be compensated accordingly for the long hours, but it’s not a very specialized task. I don’t think all tasks are equal (like on the job market), and the current framework makes no distinction. Also, I don’t think working in the Tribal Force is comparable to working for Fei Labs, because of the commitment to stay full-time, over a long duration, compete in the interview process, having to hold frequent meeting to work in a team, etc. The proposed framework offers a lot of freedom (and that’s good), but it’s definitely not the same as working for an employer.

I think it would be good too if developers were part of the Tribal Force, because even if an army of community members talk to other protocols and prepare proposals etc, there is only so much we can implement after. In fact, I feel like a developer can also do this work of getting in touch with other protocols, preparing proposals etc. I have implemented several protocol partnerships already, and drafting the idea is just the tip of the iceberg, a lot of discussion happen with the teams after we decide to do something, and coding takes most of my time, but getting in touch & talking with people from other protocols is also part of the fun, and it stacks well with a software development activity.


I think, FEI DAO can talk to someone from HR and come up with a per hour rate for work such as translations, discord/discourse modding, graphisms, documentation, preparing proposals, etc. For these work something like $ 15 -20 per hour can be compensated. We could snap shot the rate. Similarly someone with developer experience will be given $$ per hour of work the person puts in. This way everyone who wants to work, can work, once they put in work and make $ based on skills. Another thought would be for FEI DAO to hire developers, conduct interview and everything (done by FEI labs) and once the person is selected, that person is now hired as part of TRIBAL force, full-time staff paid by FEI DAO. This way we could attract talented individuals to work on the protocol. As Eswak mentioned since a majority of the work done on the protocol involves writing, testing and deploying code, it makes sense to pay developers these hefty pay for making the protocol better.


I would like to add the following.

  1. Tribal Force is not part of the Fei Labs team as it is sponsored by the DAO treasury. The Fei Labs team should assist in the initial recruitment of the Tribal Force team, but they should not obey them. Therefore, in the first place, Tribal Force’s mission should be to safeguard PCV and protect TRIBE investors.

  2. I would like the Tribal Force earnings to be, exclusively in TRIBE tokens with a time unlocked.

  3. Also, in the accounting of wages, the ratio of achieving the established goals should be taken into account.

For example, if PCV incurred losses, then this coefficient decreases, and vice versa, if the team did a good job and PCV was able to make money, then this coefficient increases.

The second factor that I would like to add here is the price-dependent factor of the TRIBE. P.S. at the current value of TRIBE, this ratio is close to zero.

  1. Members of the Tribal Force must report once a month or quarterly on the work done. There should also be a procedure for re-electing participants.

  2. I would like all Tribal Force members to have a small share in TRIBE tokens and stake them. They must also post their public wallets with proof of their stake. I am also against Tribal Force members speculating.

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Being the Facilitator of the first Core Unit of MakerDAO (Real-World Finance used as an example above, I wasn’t a Foundation employee before), here are some of my thoughts.

  1. You should favor passion overcompensation. In my Core Unit, we are paid 15k DAI/month + 80k MKR of vesting. The smart contract team is paid 20-30k DAI/months + 250k MKR of vesting. I think less technical people are paid less. MakerDAO did get some serious wage inflation from my perspective (I’ve started with a budget of 12.5k DAI average and no vesting), some community members still think I should pay my team more. No one ever left due to compensation.
  2. My view is that the workforce should remain the smallest possible. If you want to recreate a bureaucracy with politics and bullshit hire as much as possible. Otherwise, be super focused. Is it 5 people? 10? 50? 100? I don’t know.
  3. Hire entrepreneurs and stewards of the protocol. I don’t think you should hire someone task-focused (doing the newsletter for example), you should get someone doing whatever it takes to add value to the protocol no matter what. They will find out what is to be done.
  4. Culture. I think the best people are already here. I hired most of my team by taking people saying something smart in the MakerDAO forum.

These are great thoughts from a well respected MakerDAO core contributor who brings relevant experience on this topic.

I think we should be hyperfocused on people who can provide value autonomously and transparently, and people with existing buyin, passion, and context for Fei Protocol. Many of the ideal existing community members have already self-selected and proposed themselves in this thread.

Because the TribalForce will affect the community deeply (and positively), I’d encourage us to postpone the implementation (but not discussions) until the merge proposal has been voted on.

I’d like to highlight some directions we may be able to take the proposal to make it cleaner and less governance overhead:

  1. High bar for full time salaries with fewer band options (perhaps 50% for part time and 100% for full-time). these would not be self-reported and have clear expectations on sustained contribution level.
  2. Easy access for community contributions and recognition (perhaps This can also serve as the bonus structure for long-term contributors to incentivize further engagement.
  3. Removal of extra layers such as leads until there is a clear need. At the moment we can probably make full time contributor decisions directly via snapshot/DAO for the first 5 or so.

Great discussion all around. I like how this is shaping up. I had no idea other teams were paid so well, even in the developer / core space. That’s actually quite amazing.

I published a draft proposal for Fei (+Rari) infrastructure funding mechanism, which might help mitigate the discrepancies that have emerged in the course of previous discussions.