Tribal Council Proposal-XX: Moderation Pod

This is a revisit of this proposal, changing the moderation multisig to a moderation pod under FIP-82.


Fund moderators through the DAO with a dedicated moderation pod with 120,000 FEI per year as an operational budget.


In the spirit of decentralization, the moderators are seeking to be funded through the DAO, instead of being funded through Fei Labs.

This would allow the moderators to operate independently, while managing their own budget to run the Discord.

This initiative is being led by meertitan and DioDionysos. Both of them have been active in the Discord every single day since the day they started pre-Genesis (over a year ago), helping the community and keeping it a safe space for discussion of the Tribe ecosystem.

Through this proposal, the DAO would maintain a spam- and bot-free Discord, where users can discuss and hangout safely.

Discord is currently the premier platform for communications regarding Fei Protocol with around 15,000 users and between 3,000 to 5,000 monthly messages.
Additionally spam and bots are being handled through manual bans as well as a network of managed server bots, resulting in over 11,000 banned bots and scammers. This work is done every day without being publicly visible, but should still be rewarded as every Discord member profits from a clean and safe governance environment.

Furthermore, our primary governance forum, Discourse, is being protected from spam and scams through the moderators. This also includes whitelisting partners, so that they can write proposals without limitations on Tribe’s governance forum.

With currently around 40,000 monthly visits, Discourse represents one of the governance cornerstones of the Tribe.


Create a dedicated moderation pod to pay active moderators for their monthly work, which includes server maintenance, bot control and community support, as well as translations (Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, French).

The requested budget is 120,000 FEI for May 2022 to April 2023, with any unused funds sent back to the DAO at the end of this 12 month period and the oppurtunity to claw-back funds at any time.
meertitan and DioDionysos will be responsible for managing this moderation budget and use it to hire new moderators with it, if needed.


Moving this to last call