[Proposal] Decentralise governance of means of communication

This is gonna be short. Means of communication is not a technicality. It’s a governance issue. Especially it’s true for the community living totally in the virtual space.

All discussions regarding organisation of Discord, Discourse and further along should go in public involving the whole community and decisions should be made in public as well. It’s not OK within the FEI ethos that such important decisions are taken behind closed doors. Therefore I propose that all closed channels/groups on Discord/Discourse were open.

For example, for the time being Discourse is dead. All discussions take place on Discord, because it’s far more fit for lively vibrant real-time exchange of opinions, It’s more user-friendly. This evolving nature of the community should be embraced and Discord should be reorganised accordingly. New permissionless ways of conversation steering should be implemented. And these changes should be contemplated by the whole community.

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