Possible Secondary Airdrop for pre-swappers

In hindsight, one of the failures of the IDO was that pre-swapped and FEI-only people received the airdrops from the same pool of 100M

if it would have been a 50-50 split between fei-only and preswap, the airdrop situation would have been a lot more fair, and speculative freeloading sell pressure would have been much reduced, as pre-swap folks are generally committed to the long term vision of the project

the final day saw massive amounts of inflows, without pre-swapping; which greatly diluted the shares due to pre-swappers.

A large source of frustration within the community right now, aside from the inability to exit FEI position due to the peg (discussed elsewhere), is the fact the well intentioned supporters of the vision who committed to pre-swap are the most hurt group currently. By some measures, the only people who have benefited from the current situation are people who committed to 0 pre-swap and exited their airdrop positions as fast as inhumanly possible.

As a measure of adding confidence to long term stakeholders of the community, I believe a secondary airdrop should be due to people who have committed to pre-swap during genesis; The technical details of which I invite everybody to discuss here.


70%ETH swapped to FEI and thats the reason people selling FEI not TRIBE since TRIBE price is stable bewteen 2~2.2 USD.

Tribe price is related to the peg system. Airdropping more FEI or TRIBE would cause more selling pressure. Restore the confidence of pegging itself should be the first consideration.


Agree with this, but I would probably add that this airdrop could be a) pro rata and b) done as a sec by sec vesting schedule over the next 24 months.


Agree with you, Tribe holders have been lost almost 30% yet.


Totally agree. That’s the right thing to do, if the team really care about people who want to support the project long term.


I agree, Fei team said community first, but as early adopter we preswap to Tribe, only to be dumped by whales who came in last few hours with 0 preswaps.


I agree with this idea, something like whoever preswapped gets the percentage of tribe they preswapped for dbled and it’s it’s vested for a year.


This is nice show of good faith. I pre-swapped 100% and plan to hold. Know that this is a great project for the long term.


I agree with this idea. I pre-swapped 100%. This info makes me believe more in the project.


I agree with this idea.

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I agree with this as well. 100% pre-swappers are (for the most part) here to stay - we’re in it for the long term. It’s unfair for fans of your project to be punished like this. Having a thank you gift - maybe an nft? Airdropped to pre-swappers (who haven’t dumped) would be very novel, make a lot of people true HODLERs and help propagate the success of the project.


I agree with this idea.


Spot on. This is a good idea. I pre-swapped 75% and am committed but this show of good faith to the community would go a long way to demonstrating the same good faith in return.

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I like the idea of a vesting schedule, 100% swappers are believers in the project and are here for the long run. I wouldn’t mind a vesting schedule that progressively releases TRIBE over an arbitrary long period of time.


Great offer! I exchanged 100% and got the highest price for the Tribe token. Where is the gratitude for participating in the genesis?


동의한다. 사전스왑 제네시스 홀더들을 이렇게 버린다면 프로젝트는 스캠소리를 들을것이다

Wouldn’t the airdrop decrease $TRIBE price?


An airdrop for those who participated in the genesis and made the exchange for the Tribe, this will give a fair price to the participants in the genesis. The $ 3.25 Tribe looks like a scam. We are supporters of the Fay project, where is the justice? Trust in the Fei project needs to be restored!


Keep in mind this is the second day post launch. In my opinion an airdrop would not eliminate the selling pressure. Actually it might have the same result as the first one, especially if it is distributed based on how much you committed.

There need to be other changes first, things like this can be discussed about later on along the road for people that supported the project(longterm).


Those who pre-swapped a lot probably didn’t understand the protocol well, to be honest. They probably expect TRIBE to moon in the IDO and make quick money. They are so called “dumb money”, which gave the “smart money” the opportunity to take quick profit.