FIP-xx: Add stETH to Tribe ETH Pool


Add stETH to Tribe ETH Fuse Pool in addition to wstETH which is already in this pool.


At time of writing, there are only 786 holders of wstETH but 53,560 holders of stETH. By only having wstETH in this Fuse pool, we are adding friction as the user has to wrap their position before depositing.

Adding stETH into this Fuse pool would allow holders of the rebasing token to use as collateral to borrow ETH.


Whitelisting new collateral on the Tribe ETH Fuse Pool through OA.


The proposal will use simple choice voting. Voting options :

  • Yes, add stETH to Tribe ETH Fuse Pool
  • No, more discussions needed
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Lets move discussions on this here and vote on this all at once

FIP-89: Add additional collateral assets to Tribe Convex Fuse Pool - #3 by jasperghost