Add rETH and sETH2 to the Tribe ETH Pool

Opening the discussion with the community to add rETH and sETH2 to the Tribe ETH pool.

The Tribe DAO recently opened this pool to boost stETH rewards, and the same can be done with rETH and sETH2.

How the stETH arb opportunity works:

Head to Tribe ETH Fuse pool β†’ deposit wstETH β†’ borrow ETH β†’ stake :repeat:

As long as borrow rates < staking rates (4.8%) and the stETH peg holds, it’s a low-risk rate arb

Look forward to hearing feedback from the community on adding rETH and sETH2 to the Tribe ETH pool.


I think it’s a great idea. This wst/r/sETH leverage is a great opportunity for Tribe.

First, it is important to be clear (if that is the case at all), that providing ETH for such an leverage opportunity is less profitable on a profit basis than exploiting this leverage opportunity (or really just investing ETH into those stacked ETH).

rETH/sETH2 should be carefully managed as liquidity for those is thinner than wstETH.

Aave will also provide higher leverage and might implement a better utilization yield curve (better than the fuse one).

Finally, rates shows that people are not arbitraging with Fuse 146 so a lack of marketing. I’m not even sure there is a plan to sustain rates if there was serious demand.

Bottom line, great opportunity but will need a great focus to make it useful.


I think this is a great idea. Currently StakeWise is in the process for setting up a chainlink oracle for sETH2 which should be far more secure than their univ3 twap used in We should wait until then to add them to the pool.

I’m not sure if there is a chainlink oracle for rETH but we should certainly ensure they have a secure oracle before adding rETH to the pool and putting any users funds or the PCV at risk.

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