FIP-64: Add wstETH to the FeiRari

Status: Last Call
Authors: @Fishy

Add wstETH to Rari Capital Fuse Pool #8 “FeiRari” at a collateralization ratio of 80%.


wstETH is a low-risk asset that allows ETH holders to gain staking rewards on their ETH. Whitelisting wstETH makes the FeiRari more capital efficient, as ETH holders can now gain additional yield on their collateral.

Add wstETH to Fuse Pool #8 “FeiRari” with 80% LTV.

The proposal will be a yes/no vote.
The voting options will be as follows: Add wstETH, do nothing

Moving straight to 48h last call! (I figure this will be a non-controversial proposal)

Having wstETH in a Fuse pool makes a lot of sense for users to put their yield bearing ETH to work. Personally, I’d recommend spinning this out as its own unique pool with only ETH and wstETH. This allows for users to leverage their wstETH, likely producing lending opportunities for ETH. Down the road this would also create a path for an ETH specific vault. @joey What do you think about this? I’d imagine the Fei Protocol could potentially allocate some ETH here as well.

I support the concept, but I also strongly support adding wstETH to the FeiRari as well. I’ll create another proposal for that pool after this is finished.

I’m in favor of both now. Adding wstETH to FeiRari makes sense and eventually plugging our ETH into the base pool you suggest also makes sense.

Moving to snapshot in 15!