FIP-83: La Tribu (hiring devs from a DAO-like structure)

Status: Last Call

Authors: @Eswak


Hi everyone! Most of you know me, I’ve been here for a while :

At first, I was just a regular community member. I lurked around the Discord, and eagerly waited for new Medium article releases. Then Genesis came, and I’ve put a bit of money in the protocol, 100% preswapper here :stuck_out_tongue: happy to say I was in the Tribe since day 0 !

Early on, the protocol was having a hard time (direct incentives etc) and didn’t have a lot of dev resources, so I started writing some code to try to help “the core team” (i.e. Joey :sweat_smile:) in my spare time. Turned out there were some side topics I could help on. So, one thing led to another, and at some point I started freelancing for Fei Labs. I was doing Solidity development for Fei Protocol not just for fun anymore, I was becoming a professional buidler. In June-October ‘21, I was doing it in addition to my day job, for fun, building cool space shit by day, moving millions of PCV by night, lol. In July I decided to travel from Toulouse to Paris to meet the team at EthCC, and my decision was made. Since November, I have been working full-time on Fei, and it has been an amazing experience. I just came back from 3 weeks in San Francisco to spend some time with the team, and it was very cool to see them in person, even if it felt like I’ve known them forever from all the video calls & discord chats.

I would like to allow more people to live this adventure and become developers for the TribeDAO. It would also be cool for me to have some colleagues in the same time zone, and it’s probably good for the DAO to be a bit more spread out across the world (?). Here is how I see this happening :

  • I will look for 1-3 devs to recruit, hype them about the Tribe, and convince them to contribute full time.
  • It will look more like a normal job than a DAO job : no bounties, no grants, a properly registered company, a work contract, and taxes paid properly.
  • My ideal profile for this project: curious/knows about crypto, Solidity beginner, junior engineer out of school or senior web2 dev looking for a new adventure.
  • I will help them get up to speed on Solidity development and the modern DeFi landscape, and my goal is to make them Solidity wizards over time.
  • Day work will probably be remote. We may rent an office if we are 2-3 in the same city, but no fixed plan for that yet.
  • We can use the French company I set up for my consulting with Fei Labs as an intermediary to hire them, I’ll manage the paperwork.
  • It will be a fully DAO experience : you are the bosses, everything will be fully transparent and as much on-chain as possible. You will get a detailed report of our expenses and adventures. All funds will remain on-chain with DAO clawback available until they are actually needed in the real world.

The idea is not to recruit a top-notch core dev that can produce amazing stuff from day 1. It is to onboard new devs in the DAO. They may work on periphery contracts, give a hand to the Rari infra team, help new projects launch under the DAO, set-up tooling for improving developer experience, write the spec for new partnerships, docs, build ideas from the community, build Tribe meme NFTs, a Yearn strategy for Fei, a degen farm project that leverages in a Fuse pool using Fei… They may even help on core protocol developments from time to time, but I think there are many other new things we can do with additional engineering resources, the only limit is imagination. By being involved in the Tribe, they’ll also have their own ideas about where to contribute in order to build something useful. Time will tell which projects are relevant, but what I would like is to allow this possibility to emerge.

We will take note of the training resources we use, and start to build a “bible of training resources” that can serve as a reference for future DAO members interested in doing the same. They may also bother some of you to get more context on some parts of the DAO/some specific trainings. I’ll take care of most of their training, but you are all very welcome to help :slight_smile:

I think the risk/reward is pretty low, the budget could look like this (per person) :

  • 80-120k FEI / year on a linear timelock (covers junior-senior salary) + 20k buffer for expenses (travel, gas, etc)
  • 500k TRIBE on a 4 year back-weighted quadratic timelock with 1 year cliff

These are good, attractive salaries for where I live. I won’t have any problems recruiting. But, to be honest, they are not very good for experienced Solidity devs, and if some devs recruited through this program stay for a while, we should give them a raise/more equity to keep them involved in the Tribe and not see them chase some other opportunity elsewhere. This is easily manageable by a future DAO vote that top-ups the timelocks, or deploys new timelocks. We’ll address this issue later if it comes - this initial vote will be for 2 persons, to have some funding secured & be able to start recruiting.

Summary / Specification

Start a new program to on-board 2 new devs for the DAO based in France/EU:

  • Fund a linear token timelock with 1.12M FEI over 4 years
  • Fund a quadratic token timelock with 1M TRIBE over 4 years with 1 year cliff

I may have an idea for the 1st recruit already (senior web2), and will try to poach skilled former colleagues if possible, but even if none of them joins and it takes me more time to find recruits, the funds will remain on-chain and can be clawed back by the DAO. I’d have much more to lose (my position as a core dev) if I misbehave & claim the timelocks incorrectly, so that offers some kind of guarantee.


The proposal will use simple choice voting. Voting options :

  • Yes, fund project as described
  • No, more discussions needed

I made a meme to reward you from reading 'til the end :



100% support! Excellent avenue to pursue.

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I loved the idea! =)

I see this as a new pod or small working group within the DAO. As it is a DAO funding, it would be good to have regular reports about the results of the group.

Also, 4 years seems a long period, why not starting with 1 year than renew. So DAO can re-evaluate this initiative.

I liked this idea, the ability to attract and train new devs to build with Fei and Rari can be a relevant intangible asset for the Tribe.

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I thought about it, because it was a point of discussion in the Rari infra team funding : the main reason I see is that it offers a longer-term commitment for the recruits. To me having a 4-year visibility with my vesting was important, because I knew I was not leaving my stable situation for something that could be over a few months later. It sets the good mindset that you’re committing for the long term. In practice as an employer the risk is the same, because if they don’t deliver you can always fire them after 1 year, but as a recruit the perceived risk is smaller, because you know that if you are good, you can stay for a long time :yum:


Moving to last call, as described in my initial post, since this seems pretty non-controversial (:green_heart:).

Will post the snapshot in a few days if nothing changes.


nice idea, this is a good option

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Snapshot is live : Snapshot

DAO vote is live : Tally | Eip155:1:0x0bef27feb58e857046d630b2c03dfb7bae567494 | 42252633381525796377407696085248355994722597040719506134401876309524117642013

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