Artemis Academy <> TribeDAO

Artemis Academy <> TribeDAO Partnership Proposal

This document suggests a partnership between Artemis Academy and TribeDAO (Rari + Fei protocols). The partnership aims to be indefinite in length with periodic evaluations (every 6 months at the discretion of both parties) to agree upon scope and ensure the partnership remains mutually beneficial in value added. Below are ideas listed for what each party may expect to receive in return when engaging in synergetic ways moving forward together. Note that partnership goals and ways to help one another may evolve in the future upon mutual agreement.

Artemis Academy Overview

Artemis Academy is built by the world’s leading Web3 veterans. We’re creating a top-tier, end-to-end educational program that not only teaches the next wave of Web3 entrepreneurs, but also enables them to create the future of Web3 innovation.

We are a borderless, open source, open access, structured “education + investment” program. Artemis combines cohort-based online education for experienced engineers alongside an enhanced YC-type incubator for web3/DAOs, which invests in founders or places them to work inside top web3 organizations. The program welcomes participants into a network of several top Defi builders, partners, and investors in the space.

At Artemis, we pride ourselves on our high standard of academic excellence, our collaborative community-driven ecosystem, our ethos, and our dedication to web3. We offer more than just education: our well-rounded approach strives to arm our students with a network of mentors in order to harness their greatest potential in a sustainable, and ethical manner.

Led by Wartull (early contributor at OlympusDAO) our founding team consists of experienced developers, teachers, strategists, Olympus contributors, and web3 veterans.

We also have significant members of the web3 community onboard as advisors and investors, including the founder of one of the largest DAOs (Zeus at OlympusDAO, $0.5B marketcap), one of the largest stablecoins (Sam K. at Frax Finance, $2.6B marketcap), founder of one of the largest decentralized exchanges (Maki at SushiSwap, $1.7B marketcap), and several other well-known top Defi investors (Scoopy from Alchemix, Nick Chong (ex-ParaFi Capital). Additionally, Artemis is advised and invested in by CodePath, which has a decade long track record of successfully training web2 engineers at FAANG companies and elsewhere.

Helpful links:

  1. Student Flyer

  2. Twitter

Value Add For Artemis Academy

Through TribeDAO’s community, members, and network:

  • TribeDAO may provide resources to improve the quality of Artemis Academy courses and student experience, for example:
    • TribeDAO may help create course materials (e.g. money legos, composability, etc.).
    • TribeDAO may guest lecture 2-3 sessions such as how Rari + Fei protocols were built, how each faced adversity and persevered, explaining the theory of Turbo, etc.
  • TribeDAO may provide grants that sponsor students facing financial hardships and are unable to afford tuition.

Value Add For TribeDAO

Through Artemis’ community, members, and network:

  • Artemis Academy may provide TribeDAO with specialized Web3 related courses.
    • TribeDAO may be able to coach Artemis graduates on ‘how to build’ on top of the DAO’s protocols.
  • Artemis Academy may provide TribeDAO with web3 resources (i.e., placing each Artemis graduate for a referral fee).
  • Artemis may offer DAO related boot camps (community mgmt, etc.) in the future.
  • Artemis may co-host 2-3 AMAs or educational type events for the TribeDAO community.

I’d be happy to guest lecture depending on the frequency!


I believe the Tribe DAO already has a grant program in place for collaborations that directly benefit the DAO. I am in favor of non-monetary collaborations. However, I am not in favor of grants outside the scope of the program already in place.


As a Grants Committee member, I would also encourage this partnership to be through the Grants channel.

Immediate synergies may be to allow ‘apprenticeships/internships’ through selected Artemis Program candidates to work with those from Tribe DAO. But I’m unsure of the quality of education here. Is there any information on how students compare with other institutions?