TIP-107: Move 20k ETH to PSM

Given the planned hack repayment and reduction in collateralization due to recent price movements, I propose moving 20k ETH to the Peg Stability Module to strengthen the peg.

This action can be executed by the Guardian after a 48 hr optimistic/veto snapshot, which will be created alongside this proposal with title “TIP-107: Move 20k ETH to PSM via Guardian [Veto]”.


Relevant discussion : https://tribe.fei.money/t/fip-xx-increase-stable-backing-of-fei

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Veto snapshot posted here: Snapshot

Reminder that you only need to vote if you are opposed, default is that it passes unless a quorum votes no.

Should’ve been 108 but already posted snapshot, since it is a veto snapshot only I will leave it up as is.