[soft proposal] the undo button

Hello Fellow Governance Members.

I have created a snapshot SOFT proposal for the GENESIS to be refunded/undone

Please Vote here

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I support refund, but only refund 90%, so that the FEI holders and TRIBE holders who choose to stay in the protocol will have about $100M extra money from users who leave the protocol. This will protect the protocol as well.

I think it is a win-win solution for all parities (FEI leavers pay a small 10% burn penalty, TRIBE leavers pay a small 10% exit fee, the Fei protocol indirectly raises $100M to protect FEI’s collateral ratio, the returned TRIBE can be used to reward TRIBE holders).

Why do you need a snapshot vote to create a proposal? simply create the proposal and post it in the forums and use discussion to decide the final snapshot form. There’s no way I vote in support for anything that’s as vague as

to the closest “At the time prices” possible?

Just my 2 cents, no disrespect. I look forward to seeing you flesh out your proposal and posting it regardless of the snapshot vote.

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