The Undo Button Proposal for pre-swappers

I have read the "The Undo Button Proposal " below

The Undo Button Proposal

Simplified Undo with no edge cases

I think it can only relieve the sell press of the FEI, unfair for the triber-hodlers.
so provide an additional undo button for pre-swappers is fair and necessary.

My proposal is:
100% Pre-swappers can redeem FEI by TRIBE by the ration during Genesis:
|FEI/TRIBE| 2.75(about) |

The reason is:
Many 100% pre-swappers want to stake, but they haven’t FEI to make FEI-TRIBE LP.
If the proposal can implement,
it will relieve the sell press of TRIBE and FEI together,
and more people will stake FEI-TRIBE in UNI.

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You should propose to transfer pcv directly to your bank account

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