Remove team's Fei-Tribe LP from uniswap pool

As Tribe was listed on Coinbase, Binance, and a lot of CEXs, It should be a good opportunity for Tribe to pump and make a good performance. But the liquidity in uniswap is too deep, it makes a change for arbitrage from uniswap to other CEXs.

The FEI-Tribe LP is compose with 70%(~$235m) from team and 25%(~$82m) from Tribalchief staking atm. See below:

The liquidity of Fei-ETH pool is deep enough for Fei, but maybe Tribe holder manna volatility of tribe, deep liquidity is different to pump or dump Tribe price. Without team’s LP, there is still about 900m liquidity in uniswap, That’s enough for Tribe.

I think we should remove team’s LP from uniswap pool, almost 70% in the pool. It will pump tribe tribe price higher when buyback. We can deposite the Fei and Tribe from LP into curve or rari pool.


I agree that the deep liquidity is damping volatility and in any market if there is no volatility, there is no interest. So I do support moving the liquidity to other protocols.

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