If you have used Sorbet Finance (G-UNI), your funds are at risk. Please go to Sorbet to revoke token approval now


A vulnerability was discovered in the Router contract that Sorbet UI uses to help entering and exiting G-UNI pools. Funds vulnerable at the time we discovered the issue was whitehat hacked into a secure location. However, now the attack is known and some wallets still have this vulnerable contract approved to spend tokens.

To ensure your own safety, ALL G-UNI USERS SHOULD REVOKE ANY TOKEN APPROVALS for wallets that have interacted with Sorbet Finance.

Please help us spread the word :pray:

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You can find more info: Gelato’s official Twitter announcement.

Has this security issue been resolved? Can I use sorbet finance normally now?

Hi! Yes - you can use it as usual!

We posted a post mortem here - feel free to check it out.

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