ShapeShift DAO Turbo Application

1. DAO/Individual name: ShapeShift DAO

2. Name of token to be collateralized: ShapeShift FOX Token

3. Market cap of token: $120,650,861 on April 13th, 2022

4. Average daily on-chain liquidity over 30 days (Supply cap must be < 2*avg 30d volume): $4.6M average daily volume over the past 30 days

5. Volatility: 47% (math)

6. Link to Chainlink feed: FOX / USD | Chainlink

7. Link to verified token contract: ShapeShift: FOX Token | Address 0xc770eefad204b5180df6a14ee197d99d808ee52d | Etherscan

8. Link to token security audit: fox-token/ShapeShift Fox Token - BlockchainLabs Audit Report.pdf at master · shapeshift/fox-token · GitHub

9. Link to development test environment: GitHub - shapeshift/fox-token

10. Proof that ownership of token is not an EOA: fox-token/FOX.sol at master · shapeshift/fox-token · GitHub

11. Explanation of inflationary token (if applicable): No inflation, supply is capped at 1,000,001,337

12. Explanation of token lockups (if applicable):

  • No lockup on airdrop recipients

  • All employees and shareholders have three-year vesting via Sablier smart contract, the contracts vest as of June 2nd, 2021 (the grant date), and all contracts are fully vested on June 2nd, 2024.

  • ShapeShift DAO Governance Treasury has a three-year vesting schedule via Sablier smart contract; this contract is also fully vested on June 2nd, 2024.

13. Proof of widely distributed token holders: $0.34 | FOX (FOX) Token Tracker | Etherscan

14. Anything else you wish to share about your protocol/co-marketing strategies/reason for liquidity:

ShapeShift DAO is just beginning to tap into the awesome power of the Fox and Frens Rari Pool. The DAO has used the pool itself in order to borrow stablecoins against FOX, and recently the DAO has focused on attracting more capital to its Rari pool, including adding FOX rewards to oneFOX Angel Vault LP deposits. We recently launched FOXy and added it as a collateral type to Rari, enabling FOX holders to borrow against the yield-bearing version of FOX. We see Turbo as an excellent way to bring more FEI liquidity to the Fox and Frens pool. We also look forward to integrating Rari directly into to enable ShapeShift users to easily earn yield and borrow from all verified Rari pools.

Onwards and upwards :rocket:

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