FEI x North Equities

North Equities is behind some of the largest publicly listed crypto projects in Canada and the USA and have been helping token projects since 2017. We’re known in both public and crypto markets to help drive attention, engagement and volume in the project and the product.

Promoting a DAO requires unique and novel marketing tools. Most DAO contributors originate through key influencers, word-of-mouth, and partnerships with DAOs they are already involved with. North Equities blends traditional Marketing approaches that have worked for our clients (200+ active clients) with a unique DAO marketing approach that seeks to generate users, contributors, and partnerships with other DAOs. North Equities has a wide array of institutional contacts which could help FEI increase TVL and make inroads into this segment.

Would love to discuss with FEI and the Tribe members some unique DAO marketing tools that can be implemented and a campaign program that we can execute on together.