Ambassador Program

Every project in space has ambassador program we should also introduce to popular our project to others in space.
Community members who got selected will do advertisement for project in return will get tribe tokens as rewards.
Writing articles, tweets,posts, videos,making aware people about this project and other things.


I think that’s a great idea, and in line with some of the ideas we had regarding a Grants program.
In terms of the operational aspects of the program involved, perhaps certain people can be ‘relationship managers’ for certain projects and they would be the conduit to communicate with the other party.
Any marketing campaign (as with the real world) should be targeted and coordinated. But the community can help gauge direction around this.

In my mind, I think channels should be set up to reinforce the relationships we already have with the integrations that we’ve achieved so far (pickle, rari, saddle), with the next ones to focus being Olympus, Curve, Index Coop, the D4 group, among others.


Seperate channels and respective admins for different country members.
Some members will be chosen as ambassador who will work of promoting our project with groups and people outside our community.

I like this idea. This would be a good development for Fei. There has been very little done in terms of marketing and outreach other than proposal creation and integrations, which of course are highly effective. Something like this program, or working with Layer3, who has done work with Rari would be great.

Spreading awareness of FEI is incredibly important to the growth of the protocol.

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