Welcome to Fei Protocol Tribe

Welcome to the Fei Protocol Tribe! :infinity: :evergreen_tree:

We are on a mission together to create a scalable, decentralized, and fair stablecoin. FEI is the stablecoin for DeFi! :rocket:

Here is the place for FEI users and TRIBE holders to engage on all things about FEI and TRIBE.


:white_check_mark: Treat others with respect

:white_check_mark: Make friends

:white_check_mark: Participate in discussions

:white_check_mark: Learn about Fei Protocol (DYOR)

:white_check_mark: Ask questions (after DYOR)

:white_check_mark: Keep threads on topic

:white_check_mark: Challenge the status quo

:no_entry_sign: No solicitation, legal or otherwise

:no_entry_sign: No speculative price discussion

:no_entry_sign: No attacking others

:no_entry_sign: No inappropriate language or content

Advice to follow:

:warning: Don’t share private key or password with ANYONE under any circumstances. Be careful of any private messages.

:warning: Be suspicious when someone asks you to send funds

:warning: Don’t take anything too personally or seriously. We’re all one tribe :green_heart:

Fei Protocol members will NEVER DM you first and NEVER ask for your information or send you links to “fix” your account.


Believing this project will grow rapidly… And I am ready to support in all the ways I can… From what I have read so far and understand this project is solid all the steps taken are really cool

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