Use Tribe DAO's veBAL to Vote on "Kill CREAM/WETH Gauge" Proposal

Hey Tribe,

As many of you know a large whale has recently bought & locked veBAL and voted to send a large percentage of Balancer’s emissions towards the CREAM/WETH gauge for the last month or so. Given that this pool generates virtually zero revenue for Balancer this has had a detrimental effect on Balancer’s growth. There are also concerns about supporting liquidity for a dead project and that this is perhaps an exit move by a large CREAM holder looking to suck in retail liquidity for their worthless tokens.

Tribe also lost $5M on the CREAM hack if I recall correctly, plus this entity voted against the recent proposal to return Tribe’s locked BAL. All things the Tribe should consider here :slight_smile:

Balancer’s snapshot vote for this just started: Snapshot