Simple calculations for how much to redeem FEI and Tribe holders and undo genesis!

with all my respect to the team, I think the project failed and most people lost their faith in it and in the core team

so redeeming Tribe + Fei at Genesis prices is the best strategy to get out of this trap

I will build my calculations depending on these 2 equations

1- for 100% preswappers
1 ETH (genesis) = 650 Tribe + 150 Tribe (airdrop)

2- for 0% preswappers
1 ETH (genesis) = 2000 FEI + 150 Tribe airdrop

for simplicity, I will assume ETH price at genesis was 2000$

so from the 1st equation, we get Tribe price of 2.5$
from the 2nd equation, we get FEI price of 0.81$

current circulating FEI supply is around 600m
and circulating Tribe supply (owned by users) of 250m Tribe

so to redeem all FEI and Tribe holders at above numbers we will need
600m(0.81) + 250m (2.5) = 1.1 billion $
the PCV has around one billion
so we can all get 90% of what we invested both Tribe and FEI holders

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I did these calculations after reading this topic

Could it be this simple? lol

I cut my losses 5 days ago. Failed project.

Unfortunately, your logical proposal will never get passed.

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if the team didn’t oppose it I think it can have a good chance

The advice seems good,But I don’t think the fei holders should afford same risk than tribe. Tribe holders get more choice to get high reward,so take same risk is fair.

The current price of FEI is 0.80. TRIBE is at 1.32…

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I think we should try

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