Invest PCV in $FLX and introduce $FEI as collateral for $RAI

DeFi is a multifaceted system with many parts that could inter-relate to great mutual advantage. In the decentralized stable value section, $TRIBE could engage $FEI and $RAI in a symbiotic relationship by using PCV to invest in $FLX. The market capitalization of $FLX currently sits at approximately $28,840,759 with a circulating supply of 45,277 and a price of $630.13. This is a great deal!

With this position, it could then engage a governance vote to add $FEI as collateral for $RAI.

As the stability of $FEI becomes more robust, this would provide a safe option to mint $RAI, bringing efficiency to their ecosystem. Introducing a decentralization purist stablecoin would de-risk the Reflexer system, and aid $FLX in its pursuit of price appreciation, which would be desirable for $FEI’s treasury and collateralization ratio.

A rising tide raises all boats!

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  • Get some $RAI in the PCV to diversify risk & improve robustness of the $FEI peg
  • Make $RAI to be backed with $FEI collateral

What could go wrong lol

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The concept is to get $FLX into the PCV as a speculative investment.