Idea: Interest Arbitrage Pod


Create a 5/7 interest arbitrage pod authorized to manage $X of PCV in order to grow Fei’s equity and quickly respond to market conditions.


Fei’s PCV has been subject to massive losses with the Rari Capital hack combined with the recent DeFi bear market. Despite these circumstances, we must ensure the continued growth of the PCV throughout all market conditions. The interest arbitrage pod’s purpose is to maximize the yield earned on the DAO’s stablecoins, starting with a modest allocation in order to ascertain the effectiveness of the model comparative to current stablecoin yield management. The interest arbitrage pod is only authorized to engage in delta-neutral strategies. In order to determine the pod’s members, the pod will conduct an approval election in the same manner as the Tribal Council election. All pod actions will be subject to veto by both the NopeDAO and the Tribal Council.


Conduct an election to determine the membership of the Interest Arbitrage Pod.
Create the Interest Arbitrage Pod with a 5/7 multi-sig.
Transfer $X to the Interest Arbitrage pod multisig.


Left funding as X as I’d like to crowdsource ideas for an appropriate amount of funding for this pod.