FIP-XX: Invest 250 ETH in JonesDAO Token Sale

Status: Draft

Use 250 ETH from the PCV to purchase JONES tokens in phase 2 of JonesDAO’s token sale.

JonesDAO is a DAO focused on yield maximization for Dopex Options strategies on Arbitrum, and their actively managed strategies could prove extremely useful for layer 2 PCV options deployments.

Jones DAO offers vaults for multiple assets and risk profiles. Jones will generate yield through options strategies deployed on the assets deposited in Jones Vaults. With 1 click, users will be able to access the best yields with actively managed, fully optimised, and hedged options strategies.

Proactively investing in the JONES token provides TRIBE additional metagovernance power, and most importantly a sway in a potentially useful PCV management mechanism. This also creates additional synergy with the Arbitrum ecosystem, strengthening our multi-chain presence.

JonesDAO is backed by several reputable DAOs and investors, such as OlympusDAO, [REDACTED] Cartel, Tetranode, and 0xSami.

The most important limitation is the quick governance decision-making necessary to participate in this token sale. Another important limitation is the fact that a “secret twist” will be included as part of the sale, which limits our planning abilities.
Part 2 Start: Sunday 30th Jan 12:00am UTC.

Exact specifications to allow quick execution of this plan have yet to be engineered.