FIP-XX: Add tFEI to FeiRari and Seed 10M FEI to Tokemak

Status: Draft
Authors: @Fishy @joey

Edit: On hold until details for a tFEI/FEI liquidity pool are adequately researched.

Add tFEI to Rari Capital Fuse Pool #8 “FeiRari” at a collateralization ratio of 70%, as non-borrowable collateral. Supply will be capped to 25M tFEI. Seed 10M Fei to the Tokemak FEI Reactor. Create a 3M tFEI/FEI pair on Uni v3.

tFEI (staked FEI on Tokemak) is a relatively safe asset that allows FEI holders to gain additional utility from their FEI. Adding tFEI to the FeiRari pool also strengthens our partnership with Tokemak, and allows FEI holders to acquire more stake in Tokemak’s governance. This also sets the precedent that useful FEI derivatives will be integrated more deeply in the FEI ecosystem, giving other DAOs more confidence building on FEI. Seeding FEI to the Tokemak reactor as a DAO also grows our TOKE holdings, giving us more TOKE with only platform risk as a potential cost. The Uniswap pair is necessary, as Fuse pools require a pair in order to determine the liquidation price of the asset.

Add tFEI to Rari Capital Fuse Pool #8 “FeiRari” with 70% LTV, as non-borrowable collateral. Cap supply to 25M tFEI.
Seed 10M FEI in the Tokemak FEI Reactor.
Create a Uniswap v3 pair with 1.5M FEI and 1.5M tFEI.

The proposal will use approval voting.
The voting options will be as follows: Add tFEI YES, Add tFEI NO, Seed 10M FEI YES, Seed 10M FEI NO.

I’m generally in favor but we need to iron out a few details:

We need a tokemak amm pair for liquidations. We can make tFEI/FEI as a protocol but that requires us to have some way to keep the TOKE yield we earn. Tokemak is a bit weird with yield for contracts so that is a blocker on this proposal

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