FIP-76: Whitelist LUSD as collateral in FeiRari

Status: Last call
Authors: @Eswak

Add LUSD to Rari Capital Fuse Pool 8 (FeiRari) with parameters similar to DAI.

With DAI, LUSD is one of the 3 stables (FEI, DAI, LUSD) we allow the protocol to hold today.
We own ~100M LUSD. Therefore, the DAO should be comfortable with the LUSD risk profile.

Whitelisting new collateral on the FeiRari through OA.

The proposal will use simple choice voting. Voting options :

  • Yes, add LUSD to FeiRari
  • No, more discussions needed

I think this makes sense, we should also consider supplying 5M LUSD and DAI each to provide more liquidity to the pool without increasing circulating FEI

Moving to last call, including a DAO deposit of 5M DAI and 5M LUSD.

Voting will simple choice voting:

  • Yes, add LUSD to FeiRari and seed 5M DAI/5M LUSD
  • No, more discussions needed
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Created snapshot vote : Snapshot

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