Fei/Rari Merger Amendments Tracker

[reposting from another thread regarding requesting timeline extension for merger voting. This post currently serves as a tracker for all open amendment items. Apologies for the repetition.]


I feel uncomfortable that there is an unspoken urgency and pressure to move to vote to merge ASAP. I feel that it is questionable that Fei Labs wants to launch V2 and conduct the Rari merge at roughly the same time, both immense undertakings which should be vetted upon independently.

I ask that Fei Labs clarify their reasoning for this and whether there is any internal and/or external pressure for this urgency; while also clarifying whether there is an economic and/or other conflicts of interest to conduct these 2 activities together in good faith to release themselves from further doubt by the community at large (remember that Fei Protocol will now need to answer to both the Fei and Rari communities).

Next, I would request to restructure the merger timeline in the following way to retain an orderly fashion of procedure. In any case,

  1. Allow a final call and last reminder of whether anyone wants to put forward further amendments to table to the community within 48 hours. After this - no more amendments are allowed.
  2. Allow all current discussion regarding ragequit mechanics and valuation of RGT, and other amendments as per the above, to be satisfactorily resolved (ie snapshots for proposals to be voted on and closed so that no more open topics exist) within a 96-hour window, to be run in parallel with #1 above.
  3. Once #1 & 2 above is complete, move to official process of merger voting.

I hope that the publishing of this post can serve as the official countdown of the 48 hour window stipulated in #1 above. The time of publishing is deemed to be Dec 14 2021 - 12:00 UTC.

For posterity, all current open items as amendments as of this writing are below:
Amendment A
Amendment B
Amendment C
Amendment D


Reiterating my request from the other channel. Can you please explain why you would like to see (1) and (2) run in parallel instead of sequentially?

Running (1) and (2) in parallel opens up the possibility that early voters will mis later amendments and gives at most 48 hours to complete the snap shot voting process while confidently knowing that you have seen all of the possible amendments. The easy fix would be to run (1) and (2) sequentially.

Iā€™m happy to sequence all steps, but I think it is not necessary because the motion to bring forward any new amendments can take place concurrent with discussions on active amendments (I also do not see how the closure of existing open amendments will cause new amendments to arise either, but prove me wrong). My thought is that by the end of the 96 hours someone can deploy a series of snapshots for a yay/nay vote on each amendment separately - and voting can occur in the normal time window per Fei governance best practices.

My mistake! I understood you to mean changing the normal governance procedures to begin the snapshots earlier. Concern withdrawn!