White paper: FEI Lend

Thank you all.

To move this process forward, we should discuss the assets and amount of PCV that should be placed into this Rari pool, subject to a community vote. We should have at least:


As the primary components of the pool. However, should we also include other assets, including stables and algostables? For example:

OHM? (and others)

Also, how much of the PCV should we migrate into the fuse pool? This would also be like a diversification exercise, and the size of the pool also depends on what other assets we want to pool this together with. I suggest we migrate no more than 20% of the pool, again based on what actually goes in there. The more diversified, the smaller the pool share (or we set up 2 pools, one which contains the main assets and the second one an ‘experimental’ pool with a larger variety with assets, especially other algostables).

I would be very in favor of working with Olympus Dao. They have just partnered with Frax as well. It is my belief that algorithmic protocols should stick together, apes together strong :wink: a great way to initiate something like this, would be to create a crypto ETF holding all of the different algo coin governance tokens, or algo coins themselves.

  • ohm, tribe, fxs, mkr, luna

We could potentially partner with Indexcoop to list something of the sort.


I am a big supporter of this as a Tribe and RGT holder. Win-win!


This is a great idea! Thank you @cozeno. I would like to see the arriving of the Fei lend earlier.