What was the vulnerability that keeps getting mentioned? Also how do I see FEI stats?

I keep hearing a vulnerability mentioned and I’m trying to figure out if it was a game theory miscalculation or a contract bug, will a vote be required to patch, making my own guessing game about when rewards for buying come back online etc - have they documented this anywhere?

Also is there anywhere to review up to date info on FEI tokens outstanding with latest burns / buys along with the current PCV? I tried finding these on DUNE and people are telling me they are referencing Maker’s data.

Dune Analytics → 2,493,029,071 FEI minted, 2,402,266,736 FEI outstanding
Dune Analytics → PCV - $7,737,127,866
Tribe price, chart, market cap and info | CoinGecko → 346,367,401 @ $1.63 / $564,578,863

I’m curious to know this too! I imagine they don’t want to publish the vulnerability until they’re sure the protocol is protected against it. Hopefully we’ll know soon.

The team is not yet revealing the vulnerability for security reasons. Please be patient, and wait on an announcement in the discord :slight_smile: