Voting Air Drop / Gas Fees Reimbursement

To increase the on chain vote rate i think that voters should get airdropped x amt of TRIBE to cover the gas costs

i didnt vote because i got burnt preswapping tribe in the IDO and don’t want to pay for gas now that I’m down a bunch

the whole release was a sh*tshow the way it played out. not pointing any fingers… looking to move forward but even with the project coming out on unsteady ground i think that those who’ve stuck with it should be rewarded. and gas fees add up esp when you’re staking LPing

We can consider something like airdrops or NFTs along the line. Maybe for people that participated in governance or pre-swapped in the Genesis event. But if you airdrop TRIBE for every vote(which is about $5-$10) then wouldn’t gas costs to send already be just as high. It does not seem like a sustainable model. One larger drop or one NFT once sounds more realistic, in my opinion.

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