TIP-121b: Fuse Hack Payment Process

The Fuse Hack Payment snapshot has passed with “Full Hack Payment.”

The Code4rena security contest for the payment contract begins tomorrow and ends on Monday. Here is a link to their discord for more contest details: Code4rena.

Barring any substantial road blocks or issues that emerge from the security audit, we would propose a tentative DAO vote starting on Friday September 16 to allow the Ethereum merge time to fully execute before making any on-chain proposals. As described in the Snapshot, the binding on-chain DAO vote will be a Yes/No of the snapshot winner, “Full Repayment”.

Per the snapshot, we invite the affected smart contracts and DAOs listed below to list the receiving address for any repayment funds should the on-chain vote pass. These addresses will be included in the on-chain vote.

Known DAOs would receive a single payment of DAI to an address which is verifiably approved by said DAO’s governance. Gnosis Safes and other unknown contracts would receive DAI directly. User Ethereum addresses (EOAs) would be able to claim funds directly with no need to post below.

DAO/Smart Contracts to be included in Fuse Hack Payment below (not EOAs):

Contract/DAO Address
Frax 0x96665d63c1b53f8335e3c9287ee255f306c93c45
Olympus 0x061c8610a784b8a1599de5b1157631e35180d818
Rari Yield Aggregator 0x66f4856f1bbd1eb09e1c8d9d646f5a3a193da569
Babylon 0xbf2647e5319cfbbe840ad0fafbe5e073e89b40f0
Vesper 0x78041341e79693953ab49f5040d3ac8ca8cd2397
Babylon 0x2d160210011a992966221f428f63326f76066ba9
Rari Yield Aggregator 0xafd2aade64e6ea690173f6de59fc09f5c9190d74
Babylon 0x11b1f3c622b129212d257d603d312244820cc367
Babylon 0x69b9a89083e2324079922e01557cafb87cd90b09
Babylon 0x2e07f9738c536a6f91e7020c39e4ebcee7194407
A Gnosis Safe 0x7189b2ea41d406c5044865685fedb615626f9afd
Babylon 0xdb02fa1028ecd62090b4ff5697812cbec8ae775b
Babylon 0x51e6775b7be2ea1d20ca02cfeeb04453366e72c8
Babylon 0x864870bbbe514476df4f806b169dbe5c9b7ddcab
Fuji DAO 0xf3caa27dd9926b391f50849bdfdb8a06fb489b67
Babylon 0x05dacb20c53e39f847ae4dccee4c854fe9d1b45f
Aloe 0x0b76abb170519c292da41404fdc30bb5bef308fc
Aloe 0x8bc7c34009965ccb8c0c2eb3d4db5a231ecc856c
Balancer 0x10a19e7ee7d7f8a52822f6817de8ea18204f2e4f

A full spreadsheet of affected addresses including EOAs is here: Fuse Hack Repayment Numbers 2022-09-01 - Google Sheets. The payment amounts are non-final until the frozen block 24h before the DAO vote. Please confirm your address on the sheet if you were directly affected by the Fuse Hack.


For Babylon, please send the funds to the following Gnosis Safe

You can verify the address through this governance proposal. It sent funds from the treasury to the safe to fund the core dev team.


Hi everyone,

Happy to see things are going in a great direction with every participant/stakeholder involved in the FEI DAO process. We appreciate this vote passing and hopefully going to the next stage of formal, onchain finalization.

As requested in the original post, you can send repayment funds to our publicly known and labeled treasury msig address below:


Requesting that OlympusDAO reimbursement be sent to our DAO multisig:


Thank you!! For my part, I had in the pool number 127, an amount of $ETH, without debt, since after the hack I paid all my debt, hoping to recover the collateral. What should I do? Will $ETH be returned in that case? Thank you for this auspicious ending.

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Balancer’s address can be removed. We fully recovered our funds.

Recovery tx: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Deposit tx: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

edit: I see we’re on there for like $15 repayment. so nevermind I suppose, we will take our $15 :slight_smile:

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Requesting on behalf of Vesper to receive funds to the Vesper DAO multisig treasury:


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Happy to see this progressing.
On behalf FujiDAO, please provide repayment to the following FujiDAO multisig:

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Are there any updates for victims that have funds still stuck in Fuse Pools? In my own case, I supplied Apecoin in Pool 127. Would love to recover something if possible.