TIP-116: Pod Executor Upgrade

This is an upgrade related to FIP-82. It would allow public execution of batched tribal council proposals after 4 day veto window ends through the PodExecutorV2, without needing Tribal Council to take further action.

A tribal council proposal has 2 steps:

  1. Queue - schedules the proposal for a 4 day veto window before execution. Only the pod (tribal council) can do this. Queue = propose.

  2. Execute - make the proposal take effect on-chain after the veto window if not vetoed. Currently only the pod can do this, but this proposal allows anyone to execute, removing one multisig action needed and streamlining operations.

This proposal has no effect on the NopeDAO / veto process.

This proposal follows the Tribal Council process, and is currently queued in the Tribal Council Timelock beginning the 4 days veto window timelock.

Proposal id= 0x371526912b7f7120cd1bcd32f3c0af5cf61e99a89e8a91d044444f397366c3e3

Execution timestamp=27 June 22, 16:45 UTC