TIP-115: Collateralization and Operations Updates

Executes a few actions related to collateralization and operations:

  1. Add a collateralization FEI lens to the FEI in the tribal council timelock and old rari timelocks. There are currently several million FEI that are protocol owned but not accounted as such. This fixes that.

  2. Accept beneficiary of the old rari timelocks to tribal council timelock. This is a cleanup item of TIP-113.

  3. Remove deprecated namedStaticPCVDeposit from collateralization oracle. This entry was manually accounting certain FEI and PCV deployments which can now be more accurately accounted automatically.

  4. Trigger new ETH LBP to convert 10k ETH to DAI. This will increase stable backing from 84% to over 90% per TIP-111.

  5. Grant tribal council safe the SWAP_ADMIN_ROLE to initiate LBPs after governance funds them.

This proposal follows the Tribal Council process, and is currently queued in the Tribal Council Timelock beginning the 4 days veto window timelock.

Proposal id= 0x70879c84c073206f4f5f5de29ff2715371aac9081e0148c47514a42e6f57098a

Execution timestamp=27 June 22, 16:45 UTC