Partnership Program: Tribes

Thanks @DioDionysos for the message.

We all know PCV is 1 billion+ worth, and this has a lot a attention.

And we don’t know what skill sets you bring. So, when you are proposing to become the core member of the group, the Tribe holders should at least know your abilities. So in addition to the things you have mentioned, why don’t you mention what skills and abilities you bring and what makes you perfect candidate for the group?

And in a core working group, I think it is best to have skills spread across candidates while having information asymmetry as less as possible with no conflicts of interests. I am not in favour of two persons having same skills in the group. For example, in Partnerships and Integrations, one could have communication skills while the other can have integration and simulation skills. Also, all questions asked by @arcology are fairly valid.

As an example, I put here of Pangolin Product Owner (Avalanche DEX)


Yes, I can see that.

As for my skill set I have worked as a translator(Japanese, English, German) and moderator for multiple protocols, which has proven my communication skills.
The main difference between @Meertitan 's and my skill set is that @Meertitan has worked on graphics for Fei Protocol next to modding. He could keep designing those when partnerships are formed, which will also be great for reports. In addition to that he has connections marketing professionals in the crypto space.

We are currently answering arcology’s questions. :wink:

I definitely appreciate the more critical approach. :+1:


Hey @arcology

Thanks for the questions.

FEI is the stablecoin for DeFI
Of course we are looking for partners that are also decentralized. However when it comes to exchanges we will also need to consider CEX, as those provide a huge userbase we cannot miss out on.
FEI’s appeal is clearly being a scalable, decentralized stablecoin, whcih there aren’ta lot of. This is always a good point to stress for partnerships. In addition to that TRIBE would also need to be marketed as the token that governs this great protocol, so TRIBE can also find some usecases.

This first post was more aimed to check the sentiment of the community on this topic and give an outline of our ideas. As we stated the WG is looking for a few more members as well, so we wouldn’t just do this as a duo.
That being said we are open to adjusting the trail period to 60 days instead.

Our KPI would of course be the amount and quality of brought in partnerships. At least one partnership would have to be established during the trial period I’d say, definitely aiming for more. The exact spread of those partnerships would depend on the current needs and how attractive FEI is to partners at the time.

Based on @DioDionysos experience some partners deliver the implementation themselves, while others will need help with implementation from our side. Of course it also depends on the integrations Tribe that we will work closesly with.

This is where I come in. We could talk about a possible marketing fund for advertising campaigns, I already established connections with a marketing professional in the crypto space. This is only an option, we could mostly advertise via partner’s and our own social media.


Brianna from the core team works on PR and integrations too right? How does she fit into all of this? @Brianna


I fully agree with the spirit of this working group. Though I believe that its scope is too large to be meaningfully addressed by a single working group.

I think the more realistic scope of a working group will be to aim to target just one or two partnership, and seek to complete that in a well defined time frame.


My original vision for WG’s/Tribes is that each WG would have a core team member that they work closely with, or at least report progress to and support. Brianna does Pr and Integrations indeed, so she would be a great match for this Tribe.

As @cozeno says as well, this is a huge undertaking in terms of scope. So it may be best to be divided into various bounties. Perhaps one Large tribe, with several smaller tribes each focused on a specific set. The main group would oversee these smaller groups and could be comprised of @DioDionysos @Meertitan who are free to contribute where needed on them. On top of that, both of you would have the resources of the community to search out other contributors and onboard them to the smaller Tribes.

One team to Focus on each of the following

  • Exchanges
  • Layer 2
  • Lending
  • Other protocols

Agree with both points you raised @GrantG . Every WG should have a narrow scope, sort of a tunnel vision so that we have efficiency across multiple ones.


I mean in that regard the same goes for all the coding. Seb and Joey could take care of it. Which is why we said this:

In many ways, the team could do everything but it might take them too long given the workload would be insanely large.


I would love to help with those groups, yes. I think a lot of community members have their own ideas and possibly even associations with projects. So using all of that collective power is a great concept. Thank you for sharing.

Also would you say it is ok for us to reach out to other projects as representatives of Fei Protocol? If a connection is established we could then discuss it with the core team and community members.


Thank you for your feedback @cozeno !

I like the idea brought up by Grant in regards to this. As to the specifics of a model like that, we would need to figure out a structure that works for both the core team and the community.

We are already looking into a few of the mentioned partners, so maybe it will be possible to build a preliminary work group as a proof of concept. That group would be responsible only for one or two specific partnerships.

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fei pool in pooltogether


I quite agree with the comments from @cozeno and @siddharth.

We should target 1-2 partnerships as a pilot so that the WG structure can be tested out. Once that is successful (or not), we can further expand the scope, seek out more partners and tweak the framework - acting double duty.


Further thought - I would like to ask the WG to pursue a partnership with Zapper as a priority. They have only partially implemented FEI/TRIBE, and allows users to simplify staking, LP conversion to state a few.


Thank you for the input @arcology .

Definitely, having more groups will be beneficial, so they can focus on maintaining a healthy relationship to the partners.

Also I am familiar with Zapper and even used it to manage my farms/pools. But what would a partnership with them look like in your eyes?

Would it be purely promotional in nature or is there some deeper usage or integration they can offer?

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Hi @DioDionysos ,

In my opinion, a partnership with Zapper serves a couple of purposes and how this could look like:

  1. Allow people who do not want to deal with the mechanics of individual staking on different platforms, or who want to save on gas, or who want to aggregate their portfolio in one place use Zapper and directly interface with the Fei platform in one place.
  2. To further an initiative by @GrantG on the ‘Academy’ aspect of educating users of DeFi. This would be achieved via yourself or another member to write a piece about Fei on the newly launched ‘Learn’ on Zapper:
  3. We can also allow time-limited economic rewards of using Fei via Zapper. Zerion did a ‘cash-back’ promotion with DPI, and I think we can leverage something similar (now that I think about it, Zerion would also work too), such as allowing buying Fei at a discount, once the redemption mechanism has sunsetted.
  4. In the end, we need users from a more diverse background to enter our system, and portfolio aggregators (in the same vein as CEXs) would be a no-brainer.

Hey @arcology
Thanks for the concise feedback!

Those are some great aspects you just brought up. I can’t say 100% that Zapper will be the first partnership that we go for, but it could definitely be a contender.

As to FEI Academy, as one of the creators I can tell you there has been some work done on that behind the scenes, but it is still in a rough state. I’m definitely in favor of furthering this project once we have some more precise goals and maybe a dedicated team member working on it.

We will try to keep your comments in mind.


More importantly : why should we trust someone that does not distinguish between a towel and a hat ? :wink:

Seriously, love the idea of this working group, especially early when all partnerships remain to be built.

If you can come up with a list of integrations/partnerships to build & a rationale of how they could benefit the protocol, then DAO can set up bounties for them to get implemented.

btw: Curve is not a lending platform, it’s more like Uniswap. And here in Europe Kraken would be an important exchange to target. They already list CRV/YFI/COMP/AAVE/BAL/etc, so getting TRIBE listed seems doable.


Thanks for the insight @Eswak !

Sometimes you need to make due with what you have. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the support, we thought the same and wanted to get partnerships kicked off ASAP.

Do you mean bounties for each partnership for the group that arranged it? Or do you mean bounties for the partner (see our example with PoolTogether in the original post).

Seems like we made a faux pas regarding Curve, we would definitely fix that once we create the final proposal (possibly for the snapshot vote?). Also added Kraken to the list of possible partners.


I meant, for example, for PoolTogether, we may need to implement a smart contract to distribute TRIBE rewards to their systems, and/or drip it over time. If your working group identify that need, then the DAO can reward anyone in the community that gives the code to get it done. Similar to that has some bounties set up on Github issues for anyone that solve an identified need.


pickle is another group I’d add to the list. They already have a jar/farm for claiming & compounding tribe rewards from the uni lp token. Also they previously had a partnerships w yearn for yvecrv/boost-eth slps and w for basis/dai on uni.

what I think would be interesting: wait a bit until we feel more confident in the peg, then partner w crv to add a fei-3pool with some yield & then partner w yearn & pickle to add a vault/jar/farm to boost & auto compound on top of it. Believe this could generate millions of inflows & help furher stabilize/tighten the peg


it is a good start and I like your ideas. fei needs some partners so users can exploit the potential of it.
just a few recommendations as a user, binance should be the top 1option for cex.( reason: the number of users). In addition, Binance smart chain is not bad (even though it is not decentralised in some points( it has a good ecosystem). ETH main chain 2.0 will be thrived in the future but for now due to high threshold (gas fee, slow, ). we have to achieve a balance between centralised and decentralised. So sacrificing a little decentralisation for widely use is not a bad thing. by the way, solana is a good projects as well which it has a strong community and good ecosystem. it is not a bad choice either.NTF is a good way for marketing (fei can mint its own NFT or find some NFT partners to accept fei for payment so users can purchase their collections by fei)

what i said above is just my personal recommendations based on my defi experience.