I need your help. The team says you’re the only ones who can help me! The proposal official Ban Fei smart contract access token, only the white list can be!

Hello Everyone, I am a member of FEI China community, I transferred Fei into the smart contract when I made the transfer yesterday. I knew it was my problem, but the 127000 FEI was all I had, and I communicated with the team that they couldn’t give it back to me in private. They want to help me through community support, and I hope my friends in the community can help me to support my tokens back to me. It’s really all I have, and I probably can’t live without it. I hope the kind and friendly people will be blessed, in fact, in addition to wealth more or friendly care for the weak, although I do not want to be weak. Hope can get everybody’s support! Also, I hope the soft pair can not transfer FEI or other tokens into the smart contract address through the smart contract, this is my proposal, I believe there will be the same victims as me. I suggest that updating the smart contract prohibits Fei or triBE from transferring to the smart contract of Fei。

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:43

I saw the etherscan link you sent me. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover funds sent to the Fei ERC20 contract (or any ERC20 contract). Even the core team cannot do anything about this…

[ 11:43 ]

I really wish we could help you

[ 11:43 ]

I see its a lot of money

ocean-X 今天11:44

Can you help me with this? This money is very important to me

[ 11:44 ]

My friend looked at your contract, and he said there’s got to be a way to fix it

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:44

No, I couldn’t get it out of the Fei Contract even if it was my own money

ocean-X 今天11:45

He saw that you still had full access to the contract

[ 11:45 ]

I don’t think it’s delivered to Dao yet

[ 11:45 ]

Can I talk to my tech-savvy friend

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:46

All of the contracts are under the governance of the DAO after the launch that happened on saturday

ocean-X 今天11:46

Of course, it would cause you a great deal of pain

[ 11:46 ]

He saw that you had the specs for the re-issue and destruction

[ 11:47 ]

I really hope you can help me, so I will help you

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:47

I really wish we could help you

[ 11:47 ]

But we can’t even though we really really want to. This is just how ethereum works

ocean-X 今天11:47

This is all my property and I have full trust in Fei

[ 11:48 ]

Can Help Channel Dao vote, recoup this loss?

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:48

You could propose this on discourse: https://tribe.fei.money/.

[ 11:49 ]

It is unlikely that the community will pass the vote, but it might be worth trying

ocean-X 今天11:49

If we vote, we can, right?

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:50

I think so, but you’d need TRIBE holders to agree and pass it

ocean-X 今天11:50

What kind of article should I post? Can you help me

[ 11:51 ]

How many votes do I need

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:51

I’m sorry, but I need to get back to work… You should post the transaction hash explaining your situation on the discourse and try to get some other tribe holders to support you

[ 11:52 ]

Here is the information on governance, including the number of votes needed and the voting periods, etc: Fei DAO - Fei Protocol

[ 11:52 ]

That should help you find the votes and make the proposal

ocean-X 今天11:52

I still hope to get the support of the team, in fact, I am a loyal user! We have looked at the contract you want, you are not the actual authority to the Dao

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:53

Thats right, we are not the authority in the DAO

[ 11:54 ]

If you can get the community to support your petition, that would make it easier for the team to support you, but I can’t promise that we will be active on this vote, given all the problems we need to work on.

ocean-X 今天11:54

I really need this money, and I don’t think I can live without it

Sebastian | Fei :evergreen_tree: 今天11:54

I really wish you good luck. I can imagine this is very painful… Please try to engage people in the community on the discourse


I agree to send back his fei


support, Hope your funds come back


Yes, your funds should be sent back to you man. Hope you get them back soon.


Thank you. Good luck/n


I actually did the same thing you did and sent USDT to the Tether smart contract. The Tether team had no problem at all sending it back to me, and it happens all the time apparently. Fei team has control over the smart contract address so I don’t see why they wouldn’t send it back to you or why this is even an issue.


why not???


I support you. it doesnt hurt to return the money back for the rightful owner


I support this proposal.


I support this as well


this should be done will vote for this proposal


Support.I can understand the feeling you are suffering. I also made the same mistake on another project before.And the best way to avoid is not to bet everything.Good luck.


how do we vote to support this, to send fei back to you?

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Since it is still possible, I support to return funds.

Enough terrible PR already with genesis debacle, at least FEI team should begin to amend the FEI/TRIBE supporters.


I support this. But could you explain how it happened so other people can avoid that?


support. Totally understand what happened to you.

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I support sending it back to you. But I propose taking a cut, say 1% or so and turn it into tribe and put it into the treasury to encourage you to be more careful with this.

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I support this proposal.

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I’ll explain how. I can’t find Fei tokens in my metamask wallet, so I’m going to etherscan. I Copy Fei’s smart contract address, then I went to copy the address I need to transfer the Copy, and finally I transferred to Fei’s smart contract address

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Hope you can get it back. Bless you!

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