FIP-80 Revoke TRIBE Laa$ Rewards

FIP: 80

Stop TRIBE rewards to Laa$ pairs that have a FEI shortfall

Last Call

Ondo and TRIBE DAO partnered to create Liquidity as a Service which provided FEI buy side liquidity on AMM’s for different project’s governance tokens. All participants in Laa$ were given a TRIBE reward stream based on their TVL commitments to the Laa$ vaults.

Authorize OA to revoke all TRIBE rewards before the vaults expire on all vaults that the TRIBE DAO core contributors select.

Voting Rules
This is a binding vote. Once approved, the OA will be able to stop these rewards streams.

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looks good! Would it make sense to expand the authorization of revoking LaaS rewards to other circumstances, not just vaults that would be in the red? For example, vaults where the other token has potential security issues etc