FIP-48: Update Collateralization Oracle

Summary: Add and remove deposits to bring Collateralization Oracle up to date.

Motivation: The Collateralization Oracle is an on-chain contract used for a few key mechanisms in Fei v2:

  • Buyback amount
  • Risk Curves
  • Backstop trigger

In addition it is used for off chain integrations as well.

Proposal: Since its release, the Collateralization Oracle has gotten out of date due to a few deposits not being deployed. The changes to include are:

  • add FEI-LUSD auction
  • add Aave FEI
  • add CREAM (reimbursed from hack)
  • add BAL (from FIP-33 treasury swap)
  • add rari pool 7 and 91 LUSD deposits
  • add a new StaticPCVDeposit for manual tracking of things like Laa$ FEI
  • add FEI in the TRIBE buybacks auction
  • remove some duplicates and old contracts

Because this is a routine contract upgrade, it is going straight to on-chain vote here: Tally | Fei | 84356740098786997231319625469313413552258187040867061736975896223940314838571