FIP-43 - $TRIBE reward to fuse pool


Allocate $TRIBE incentives to suppliers of $FOREX tokens in RARI FUSE Pool #72 (troopersGarage) to incentivise $FEI borrowing against $FOREX collateral. Handle are also allocating $FOREX incentives for $FEI suppliers to the pool. This will stimulate FEI circulation and diversify the community of governance token holders across both protocols.


Handle is a decentralised multi currency stablecoin protocol allowing users to create and exchange multi-currency stablecoins as the global defi FX protocol for non-USD stables. $FOREX is the handle governance token.

Users of the protocol can:

  • settle trades in their local currency, removing foreign currency risks;

  • borrow against crypto assets in their local currency, reducing conversion fees and fx risks;

  • convert between multi currency stablecoins efficiently;

  • earn rewards for liquidity provision in trading and keeper pools in your local currency;

  • earn arbitrage profit from 1:1 redemptions; and

  • speculate on foreign exchange movements.

Handle has completed an audit with PeckShield and recently launched on Arbitrum mainnet. There is now a key opportunity to partner with decentralised USD-stablecoin protocols to provide a gateway into non-USD stables and the handle community propose to work together with FEI DAO.

Handle has a verified RARI FUSE Pool #72, troopersGarage, to allow the handle community of troopers to use $FOREX tokens as collateral to borrow against, and are currently allocating 10,000 $FOREX incentives per week to $FEI suppliers of this pool.

This proposal puts forward to the FEI DAO to allocate $TRIBE incentives to $FOREX suppliers to the pool. This will create shared incentives to increase the pool depth and increase $FEI circulation.

Benefits to the FEI DAO Tribe:

  • Additional utility and returns for $FEI and rewards for $FEI holders
  • Strategic partnership with handleDAO and a cross-pollination of the handle community of troopers with the FEI tribe
  • Alignment with an emerging theme for non-USD stablecoins


This proposal would allocate 10 Allocation Points (AP) of the $TRIBE rewards system per week from the DAO treasury for rewards to RARI FUSE Pool #72 - troopersGarage.

10AP $TRIBE tokens per week will be issued by FEI DAO to $FOREX suppliers to the pool.

Noting that ~13,700 $FOREX tokens are currently being issued by handle to $FEI suppliers. These incentives are roughly equal in terms of financial value at current market prices for the respective tokens.

Iā€™m in favor! Handle took initiative and listed FEI with incentives to their pool even before proposing here. It is an interesting non-usd stablecoin focused protocol using a tried and tested overcollateralized model. Having FEI be a usd stablecoin of choice could be very good for the Tribe as they grow.

10AP is a great place to start, and we can investigate raising this as demand rises.


Moving to last call!

Where would the AP come from? Is this going to be a new stream or should we pare down from other pools? (eg FEI-3CRV, FEI-TRIBE)