FIP-32: Pre-V2 Contract Upgrades

Proposal : FIP-32

Status : Submitted to DAO


Upgrades a few PCV contracts to be compatible with the V2 Collateralization oldRatioPCVController


Deploys the contracts we have to swap out:

  • ETH UniswapPCVDeposit
  • DPI UniswapPCVDeposit
  • ETH bonding curve
  • Ratio PCV controller

Grants minter roles to the pcv deposits & the bonding curve, and pcv controller role to the ratio pcv controller.

Sets bonding curve minting cap maximum for eth bonding curve, and updates the dpi bonding curve allocation.

Finally, moves pcv from the old eth & dpi uni pcv deposits into the new ones.

Uses some adapter contracts to move the PCV from the old ETH BondingCurve into Aave and Compound

Forum Discussion:
Code: v2 Phase 1 - Partition into 3 Parts by ditchfieldcaleb · Pull Request #219 · fei-protocol/fei-protocol-core · GitHub

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